About The Team

VPM News Focal Point is a weekly half-hour television broadcast framing statewide news through a lens of in-depth reporting on the week’s pressing issues. Viewers can expect nuanced coverage of politics, race, business, health, our environment, science, arts, and culture. Angie Miles, the show’s anchor, will host discussions in the studio with a diverse group of community leaders, experts, advocates, workers, and lawmakers, offering fresh ideas and perspectives from across the state. Each week, VPM News Focal Point will strive to help Virginians better understand our state, our neighbors, and ourselves, using our complex history to contextualize contemporary Virginia.

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Angie Miles



Angie Miles is one of Virginia’s most experienced broadcast journalists, known for her decades of anchoring at WTVR CBS 6 and WWBT NBC 12 in Richmond, and reporting at WVIR in Charlottesville and WVPT in Harrisonburg. She founded a literacy nonprofit called HAPPY Reading and taught broadcast news at Virginia Commonwealth University. Miles holds two degrees from the University of Virginia, a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Education. With deep connections across Virginia, Miles will anchor the show and host VPM News Focal Point and special broadcasts.

Roberta Oster

Senior Producer


Roberta Oster is an Emmy Award-winning producer with two decades of experience in network news at Dateline NBC, CBS Street Stories with Ed Bradley and ABC documentaries. She covered education, human rights, business, politics, and the arts, across the US and the world. Oster has also served as Communications Director at the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Associate Dean for External Relations at the University of Richmond School of Law, and as a journalism professor at Tufts University. She holds a B.S. from Georgetown University, a master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School, and she was a Knight Professional Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Samantha Willis

Editorial Producer


Samantha Willis is a former print journalist whose writing on equity, race, history and the South has appeared in many Virginia-based publications, and others including Essence Magazine, Glamour Magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review. A former digital content producer and manager at WRIC ABC 8News, Willis helps shape VPM News Focal Point’s content, drawing from her decade of broadcast, print and digital media experience.

Keyris Manzanares

Multimedia Reporter


Keyris Manzanares is a bilingual multimedia journalist and is passionate about covering stories that impact underserved and underrepresented communities. Before VPM, Manzanares worked as a digital content reporter and producer at WRIC ABC 8News. There, she created and anchored HOY EN RVA, a digital-first initiative to inform the Latino community of Central Virginia. Manzanares has covered immigration, COVID-19 and civil rights issues, among other breaking news stories in Richmond. Manzanares graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

Emmanuel Tambakakis



Emmanuel Tambakakis is an award-winning television and photojournalist with decades of experience in local and network news. Prior to joining VPM, Tambakakis worked as a photojournalist for KPNX NBC 12 in Phoenix, AZ, and CNN in New York City. Tambakakis shot and edited interviews, features and general segments for WCBS CBS 2 in New York, Al-Jazeera English and Reuters as an independent photojournalist. Tambakakis has also reported from outside the U.S., including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and speaks Spanish, Greek, and French.

Shawn Freude

Executive Producer


Shawn Freude is an award-winning producer, director and storyteller with decades of public media experience. She started her TV career at ICB-TV in Ithaca, NY and worked in news production at ABC11 in Durham, NC. In Virginia, Freude led multiple teams to create television and digital-first content, nationally distributed political debates, and PBS-led initiatives for VPM and its predecessors and has produced hundreds of television interviews featuring community members.

Bryant Dameron



Bryant Dameron is a television producer and director at VPM, where he has worked in creative roles since 2008. Dameron specializes in video switching and editing. His current projects include producing and directing Virginia Home Grown and directing VPM News Focal Point studio segments. His work on multiple programs has been recognized for excellence in television by the Telly Awards. Dameron holds a B.A. in Communications from Virginia Tech and an MFA in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Adam Hamza

Associate Producer


Adam Hamza is a multimedia journalist based in central Virginia with a passion for telling meaningful stories that impact and inform the community. Before joining VPM, Hamza reported on local events and news as an independent journalist for VCU's Robertson School of Media & Culture and Capital News Service. Hamza has produced news for multiple platforms covering various topics, including healthcare, technology, higher education and the Virginia General Assembly. Hamza holds a B.A. in International Relations from George Mason University and an M.S. in Multimedia Journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Angela Massino

Production Manager


Angela Massino is a multimedia producer and digital engagement specialist with a decade of experience building audiences and content for online platforms. She has led many digital-forward initiatives at VPM to connect and listen to viewers across platforms. Massino is also the Executive Producer of the award-winning podcast Resettled, a series on refugees in Virginia navigating the resettlement process. As the production manager for VPM News Focal Point, Massino manages the operational functions and broadcast-digital workflow to launch this innovative news program.


Mary Arritt

Community Engagement Manager


Mary Arritt is working with VPM News Focal Point to build community engagement efforts within the station's news division. Arritt is a proud lifelong listener, viewer, and supporter of public media. With VPM, she builds intentional and authentic relationships with communities throughout Virginia. She has worked with community partners on a variety of award-winning broadcast and engagement projects including Racism: Challenging Perceptions, HEARD and StoryCorps’ One Small Step. She is also a co-founder of RVA MakerFest and Build, RVA. Arritt serves on the PBS Community Engagement & Impact Advisory Committee and VPM’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee. 

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