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Tuesday, May 26






 Related Resources

6:00a.m. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Explores Nature/Daniel's Nature Walk
Social Skills PreK Barnyard Match
6:30a.m. PEG+CAT
The George Washington Problem/The High Noon Problem
Math Kindergarten Peg + Cat I Spy
7:00a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
 I Am Winston Churchill/I Am Cleopatra
Social &
Emotional Skills
Elementary Xavier Riddle Cleopatra
7:30a.m. Wild Kratts
The Last Largest Lobster
Nature Science Elementary Swimming with Lobsters
8:00a.m. Odd Squad
Two Agents and a Baby/Ocean and the Fly
Math Elementary Odd Outbreak
8:30a.m. SciGirls
High-Tech Fashion
STEM Middle School SciGirls High Tech Fashion
9:00a.m. NOVA
Prediction by the Numbers
Science Middle & High School Nova: Understanding a Crowd's Predictive Ability
10:00a.m. History Detectives
Social Studies Middle & High School Detective Techniques: Preservation
11:00a.m. The Forgotten Coast Nature Middle & High School Living on the Coast
12:00p.m. The Future of America's Past
Red Chicago
History Middle & High School Chicago City of the Century
12:30p.m. Untamed

Nature Science

Middle & High School

Untamed Watch-Along Worksheet: Songbirds

1:00p.m. VA TV Classroom

MATH K.11:
What is a Graph?

MATH 1.6:
Word Problems? No Problem!

MATH 2.4:
Ways to Model Fractions

MATH 3.2:
Comparing Fractions


Curious George: Graphing

Deduction Word Problems (Grades Pre K - 1)

Wild Kratts Bird Feeder Fractions

2:00p.m. VA TV Classroom

Algebra I:
Module 5 Topic 7: Using the Substitution Method to Solve Systems of Linear Equations SOL A.4

Earth Science:
The Five Properties of a Mineral - Module 5, Topic 32, ES. 4

Mineral Groupings - Module 5, Topic 33, ES. 4


WHRO Algebra 1

WHRO Earth Science

3:00 p.m. VA TV Classroom

MATH 4.4 & Math 4.5:
Factors vs. Multiples

Math 5.5:
Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

MATH 6.6:
Adding and Subtracting Integers

MATH 7.10:
Find the Slope of a Line


Cyberchase: Arranging Desk Factors and Multiples

Thinkport: Multiplying a Positive and Negative Integer

Stairway Slope

4:00 p.m. Our Inspiration
The Story of Maggie Lena Walker
VA History Middle & High School

Unladylike: Maggie Lena Walker

5:00 p.m.

1st to Fight
Pacific War Marines

World History Middle & High School Marine Values: Winfield Boggs WWII Pacific