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Wednesday, May 27






Related Resources

6:00a.m. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Gets Mad at Dad/Daniel Gets Mad at His Friends
Social Skills PreK Bake Daniel Tiger "Get Out the Mad" Cookies
6:30a.m. PEG+CAT
The Allergy Problem/I Do What I Can: The Musical
Math Kindergarten Peg + Cat Music Maker
7:00a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Isaac Newton/I Am Golda Meir
Social &
Emotional Skills
Elementary Xavier Riddle Isaac Newton
7:30a.m. Wild Kratts
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man
Nature Science Elementary Wild Kratts The Nose-y Nose!
8:00a.m. Odd Squad
How to Interrogate A Unicorn/The Briefcase
Math Elementary Odd Squad: A Unicorn, a Robot, and a Mummy Walk into a Library
8:30a.m. SciGirls
Science Cooks!
STEM Middle School SciGirls Science Cookies
9:00a.m. NOVA
Inside Einstein's Mind
Science Middle & High School NOVA Think Like Einstein
10:00a.m. History Detectives Social Studies Middle & High School Hisotry Detectives: Classification

Supernature - Wild Flyers Defying Gravity

Nature Middle & High School Bird Brain: Social Animals Share Survival Smarts
12:00p.m. The Future of America's Past
History Middle & High School The Transcontinental Railroad
12:30p.m. Untamed
Nature Science Middle & High School Untamed Watch-along Worksheet: Bats
1:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

ENG K.3:
Moving Sounds!

ENG 1.9:
Crazy Comprehension;

ENG 2.10 & ENG 2.11:
Adjectives-Describing Our World Through Our Senses

ENG 3.5 & ENG 3.6:
Support That Answer!



Moving Water

Word of the Week: Adjectives

Sesame Street: Adam Sandler Crunchy

2:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

Algebra I:
Module 5 Topic 8: Using the Graphing Calculator to Solve Systems of Linear Equations SOL A.4

Earth Science:
Identification of Minerals - Module 5, Topic 35, ES. 1, 2, 4


WHRO Algebra 1

WHRO Earth Science

3:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

SCI 4.3:
Make an Electric Motor!

SCI 5.1:
Let's Do an "Eggsperiment"

SCI 6.2:
Exploring Energy Transformations

LS. 9:
Earth's Land Biomes


Motorized Car

How to Transform Energy System to Help Climate


4:00p.m. Power Trip
The Story of Energy Water
Science Middle & High School Water: The Lifeblood: Alternative Energies
5:00p.m. Power Trip
The Story of Energy Food
Science Middle & High School Resourcefulness: The Farm Woman's Dream