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Friday, June 19






Related Resources

6:00a.m. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Finds Something to Do/Daniel's Royal Good Time
Social Skills PreK Daniel Tiger Let Your Light Twinkle
6:30a.m. PEG+CAT
The Sam Problem/Mac The Fork
Math Kindergarten Peg + Cat Camp Resources
7:00a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Helen Keller/I Am Alexander Graham Bell
Social Studies Elementary Xavier Riddle: Alexander Graham Bell
7:30a.m. Wild Kratts
Deer Buckaroo
Nature Science Elementary Wild Kratts: Amazin' Amazon Adventure
8:00a.m. Odd Squad
Undercover Olive
Math Elementary Odd Squad Agent Academy Game
8:30a.m. SciGirls
STEM Middle School SciGirls: SkyGirls: Analysis
9:00a.m. NOVA
Dead Sea Scroll Detectives
Science Middle &
High School
The Dead Sea Scrolls
10:00a.m. History Detectives
Cromwell Dixon, Bartlett Sketchbook, & Duke Ellington Plates
Social Studies Middle &
High School
History Detectives: Cromwell Dixon

Lead Poisoning

Nature &
Middle &
High School
The Effects of Childhood Lead Poisining

Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Nature &
Middle &
High School
Backyard Turtles
12:00p.m. Prehistoric Road Trip
Welcome to Fossil Country


Middle &
High School

Becoming a Fossil


1:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

HSS K.8:
When I Grow Up...

SCI 1.3:
Did it Dissolve?

H 2.3:
Summer Safety

SCI 3.8:
Life Cycles of Animals


Sesame Street: Job Song

Virtual Particle Lab: Dissolving

Life Cycle of Frogs, Dragonflies and Butterflies

2:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

Algebra I:
Module 1 Topic 2: Modeling Real World Situations, A.1

Module 1 Topic 3: Evaluating Expressions, A.1

Earth Science:
The Terrestrial Planets - Module 4, Topic 25, ES. 1, 3

The Jovian Planets - Module 4, Topic 26, ES. 1,3


WHRO Algebra 1

WHRO Earth Science

3:00p.m. Va TV Classroom

ENG 4.7:
Modern America

ENG 5.7:
Persuasive Writing

MATH 6.7:
Expository Writing

ENG 7.8:
Be Smarter Than Most People


Student Persuasive Writing Samples

Writing an Expository Paragraph Using Time Order - Ndakinna Wilderness Project

Developing Empathy through Retold Fairy Tales


National Parks: America's Best Idea
The Last Refuge (1890-1915)

Nature & History Middle &
High School
The Radical Idea of a National Park