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How to Record an Audio Diary on Your Phone

Woman on her phone
Credit: Storyblocks

By knowing the right techniques, you can record a quality interview or audio diary with just your cellphone. Follow the tips below and send VPM your recordings at [email protected].

We want to hear from you! Below are a few topics to get you started on your recordings. Your audio recordings could be shared on VPM television, radio or social media. Details in the links below.

When you’re ready to start recording on an iPhone search for the “Voice Memos” app.

On Android, look for the "Voice Recorder” app. If it’s not installed, download it from the Google Play Store.

Many devices have quality built-in microphones. Locate the mic (often at the bottom of your phone) and hold your phone flat in front of you, with the mic facing your mouth. Keep your phone about 5 inches (or a hands distance) away from you mouth and hold at a slight angle. This will help prevent bursts of air from your mouth affecting the recording, known as "popping P's."

Be aware of your surroundings. If it is too loud, consider moving to another room. If music, the radio or a television are on, consider turning them off. We do love what is known as "ambient" sound, or sound around you that helps tell a story, for example kids playing or birds chirping. If you can, record 30 seconds of just this sound as well. 

Once you’ve located and opened your audio recording app, tap the red button to begin recording.

Recorder app on an iPhone:

iPhone voice memo


Smart Voice Recorder on an Android: 

voice recorder app


Send your audio recording to [email protected] with your name, where you are from and the topic. We will reach back out to you directly if your audio is shared on VPM.