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How Racial Injustice Shaped Our State: Documentaries, Podcasts and More

Protesters in front of Richmond's J.E.B. Stuart statue.
Protesters in front of Richmond's J.E.B. Stuart statue. Photo: Crixell Matthews / VPM
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Why This Moment? 

VPM is pulling from our archives, along with resources from PBS and NPR, to explore how policies and institutions perpetuated racial injustice and white supremacy.

Why are Black men more likely to be killed by police officers? How has segregation led to poor school systems? What is implicit bias and how has it shaped our society? 

Through these documentaries, podcasts and more, learn about systemic racism and its role in our current democracy.


What can we learn from our past to better understand our present? The following documentaries give us a deeper look at racial injustice through our American history. 



Locked Out: The Fall Of Massive Resistance | VPM

A look inside the concerted effort by Virginia politicians to stop the desegregation of public schools.


Questioning the Constitution | VPM

An exploration of the U.S. Constitution -- its guiding principles and its flaws. 


Wilder: An American First | VPM

A profile of Virginia's Douglas Wilder, America's first Black governor.


Charlottesville | VPM

What led to the violence in Charlottesville in August 2017?



The Talk - Race in America | PBS

The conversation parents of color have with their children about interactions with police.


The Black Panthers | PBS

A look at the Black Panther Party and its misunderstood history.


Reconstruction | PBS

Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores the transformative years following the American Civil War.


Race Matters: America in Crisis | PBS

Thought leaders, newsmakers and experts discuss public outrage over police brutality and the death of George Floyd.



Concerned about the spread of disinformation on social media? Here are some reliable and fact-checked videos to share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help spark conversations around systemic racism.



​​​Red Chicago | VPM

In the summer of 1919, the killing of a young black man by white Chicagoans led to a week long period of arson, murder, and violence. What can we learn from this 100 year old history?

School Interrupted | VPM

When Prince Edward County, Va. closed its public schools to avoid integration, Black leaders formed their own educational spaces.



Virginia Currents | Charlottesville Inside-Out | Charlottesville Documentary

VPM YouTube Playlist exploring Virginia's history of racism and initiatives towards understanding and empathy.


PBS NewsHour

How the coronavirus crisis offers a glimpse of what disinvested , Black communities ‘feel every day.’



Housing segregation perpetuating America's systemic racism explained.



Thought provoking podcasts on race and racism.



Having trouble trying to effectively articulate your thoughts and feelings on racial injustice? Here is some helpful information on how to start constructive conversations on hard topics.