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Hosted by the NASA Langley Office of STEM Engagement, this series features NASA-produced videos and resources for students in grades 4- 7. In each episode, a NASA Education Specialist reinforces science concepts by demonstrating hands-on activities that can be done at home using easy-to-find materials. The episode topics are: 1) Sound and NASA’s Newest Experimental Aircraft, 2) NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and SpaceX’s Historic Launch to the ISS, 3) Sending robots to Mars and the Mars 2020 Rover, Perseverance, 4) NASA's Artemis program and going back to the Moon, 5) Rockets, Newton's 3rd Law, Careers and Exercise in Space. Each episode is correlated with Virginia Standards of Learning.

NASA at Home airs on VPM Plus.

Meet the Creators

Lindsay ThorntonLindsay Thornton is the host, writer and camera person - everything required to film from home for this show. She is a Senior Education Specialist at NASA Langley Research Center, who has had a wild career white water rafting, training birds of prey, doing physics, working in theatre and educating thousands.
Kevin A. AndersonKevin A. Anderson is an Editor and Producer who has enjoyed working at NASA for the last 5 years. He comes from the television world, having created over 100 long form documentaries for Discovery, National Geographic and Oxygen.
Andrew ThorntonAndrew Thornton, Multimedia Specialist, was unavailable for comment. But we know he hopes you’ll enjoy the program! (And no, he is not related to Lindsay, at least that we know of…)

Kathy GuildKathy Marshall Guild is a video producer at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. Starting out as a videographer in local news on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Kathy has been a contractor at NASA Langley for over 19 years, serving as a video producer and editor while occasionally dusting off her videographer skills when duty calls.

Rob LorkiewiczRob Lorkiewicz, camera person extraordinaire, is the newest addition to the NASA at Home Team for Episode #4: To the Moon and Beyond. Multiple year winner of the NASA Videographer of the Year award, his previous work includes... some cool stuff and some other, cooler stuff. Lindsay is very grateful to have him on the team!