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Home Learning

Explore the power of words with Tracey Ingle, English Instructional Specialist, Powhatan County Public Schools. Enhance your reading skills and flex your mental muscles for understanding the meaning of the written word by reading excellent literature and writing your own poems and stories. Produced for students in grades 6-8, by Mrs. Ingle from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mrs. Ingle includes the following components in each episode or Read Write Now: 1) exploration of a root word; 2) practicing a reading skill; 3) identifying and defining terms; 4) engaging in a literacy challenge. The content is correlated with Virginia Standards of Learning in English, grades 6-8.

Read Write Now airs on  VPM Plus.

Meet the Creator

Tracey IngleTracey Ingle serves as the English Instructional Specialist for Powhatan County Public Schools. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who is also a certified ELL instructor and reading specialist.  She loves reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and daughter. Her life on a small cattle farm in rural Virginia provides opportunities for both learning and relaxing. Be on the lookout for farm shots during her episodes!  Tracey developed, produced, filmed, and edited all of her videos in an effort to promote the love of literacy from her home. Keeping the love of learning alive while away from school is her priority!