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Refugee Family's First Days in America Highlighted on New Podcast

Man smiles with family unloading car as they move into their new home.
Zau Tu LahPai smiles as he and his family move into their new home in Richmond, VA. (Photo: Angela Massino) 

In the new VPM podcast series, Resettled, we explore the process of refugee resettlement in Virginia, through the stories of those directly experiencing it. In this preview of the first episode, "Arrival", we follow one family's journey from their home country, Myanmar, to the United States. 

As Baptists living in a predominantly Buddhist country, the LahPai family experienced religious persecution. They fled and applied for refugee status. Their application was eventually approved, and they arrived in Richmond, Virginia in the fall of 2018, working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to navigate the many challenges of the refugee resettlement process. 

Listen to the full "Arrival" episode, along with the remainder of the Resettled podcast, at vpm.org/resettled, or wherever you get your podcasts.