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Part IV: Disparities in Housing | Challenging Perceptions

Richmond housing project

Why are neighborhoods segregated? 

Safe housing is a cornerstone to healthy living and home ownership has been a cornerstone for wealth building in America. In this discussion, we will explore how systemic policies rooted in racist agendas have limited Black and African American access to safe and affordable housing as well as home ownership.



The conversations are led by community leader Adrienne Cole Johnson, MSW a social entrepreneur committed to seeking and facilitating creative approaches to change. With leadership experiences with the U.S. House of Representatives, Peter Paul Development Center and most recently the Henrico County Schools, Adrienne has always viewed authentic engagement as paramount to social change.



S. Ross Browne, Painter and Art Educator



Laura Lafayette, Executive Director of the Partnership for Housing Affordability.


Cotina Brake, Community Advocate, former resident of Richmond Public Housing and featured in the documentary HEARD


Damon Harris, Co-Founder Teal House Company


Mariah Williams, Black Urbanist, Storyteller, Placekeeper, and Housing Advocate

Attendees are asked to listen to Mapping Projects Show Lasting Impact Of Redlining, Racial Covenants In Virginia and Indelible Roots: Historic Fulton and Urban Renewal before the discussion and bring reflections to engage in a thoughtful conversation. We also recommend exploring the series The Reimagining of Friendship Court