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Top 5 Reasons to Support VPM Before the Year Ends

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As we count down to the end of the year, we’re counting down the top reasons to support VPM (in no particular order—we’d rank them all at number one if we could).

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1. Locally-Produced and Locally-Focused Content

"Life in the Heart Land" production still of workers pulling cable


VPM is dedicated to elevating the voices of our community and shining a light on the issues and topics that impact our fellow central Virginians. “Mending Walls,” “Life in the Heart Land” and “How the Monuments Came Down” share first-hand accounts of real-life events as experienced by members of our community. 

Programs such as “Virginia Home Grown,” “Untamed” and “Un-Wine’d” take a look at the animals and plant-life that live alongside us, contributing to the unique natural beauty of central Virginia. Programs like “Legacy List with Matt Paxton” and digital-first content such as "Hidden Histories with Brian Bullock” and VPM Podcast, “Seizing Freedom,” explore our history, what it means for our present and for our future.  

2. Reliable Local and National News Coverage

Accurate, timely and trustworthy information is vital. VPM News is a long-trusted source of local, national and world news, keeping listeners and readers informed with up-to-date, need-to-know information. Through on-the-ground and in-depth, award-winning reporting from VPM News and from national programs like PBS NewsHour, VPM keeps you connected to current events and matters of importance to our country, state and local communities.  

VPM is excited to present “VPM News Focal Point” in 2022. This weekly primetime program will spotlight issues like the fight for racial justice, economic growth juxtaposed with entrenched poverty, polarizing politics, climate change and rapidly evolving demographics, how they intersect and how our communities are handling them. 

3. Educational Programming and Resources

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This year, we strengthened our commitment to education by continuing with VPM Home Learning. VPM’s department of Early Childhood Education is guided by VPM’s mission to use the power of media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Our education team is committed to five core focal points of engagement to help support the advancement of equity in early childhood education in our communities: community partners and schools, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), professional development, educational resources and digital and television resources. VPM also continues our dedication to the distribution of resources like books, worksheets and more to facilitate early childhood education. 

4. For Your Listening Pleasure

VPM News and VPM Music continue to evolve as part of a great 50+ year tradition of public radio in central Virginia. This year, VPM News added even more culture and science programming (featured every weeknight at 8 p.m.), and our news team produced even more award-winning reporting (Edward R. Murrow AwardsAP Broadcasters Awards and Public Media Journalists Association awards, including first place for Breaking News). 

VPM Music brought back broadcasts of the Richmond Folk Festival and opening night of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, keeping our listeners in touch with live music from the comfort of their homes and on the go. VPM Music continues to offer a blend of classical, jazz, world music, blues and more, broadcasting over-the-air and streaming online around the clock, including "An Hour with the Richmond Symphony” and Mike Goldberg’s regular in-studio interviews with artists, musicians, conductors and more. 

5. More Digital Content to Reach More Community Members

Brewer's Sessions Dirty South


VPM is dedicated to reaching our community members where they are. We continue to expand and adapt the way we create content, to provide an ever-growing variety of digital options to get even more VPM, no matter where you are. 

  • The free PBS Video App allows you to watch a variety of VPM and PBS programs on-demand or streaming live. Members who give $5 or more a month or $60 a year get VPM Passport*, providing access to even MORE VPM and PBS programs, episodes, special early releases and more!  
  • VPM Podcasts continue to offer a whole new way to enjoy VPM. Look for Season 2 of "Seizing Freedom" — a narrated docu-drama derived from personal accounts, about the failures and successes of the Reconstruction era — in February 2022. 
  • Hidden History with Brian Bullock debuted on VPM’s Instagram account, diving into history that is often right under our noses. 
  • Long-time radio favorite, “What’s Bugging You?” was brought to life as an animated digital series, exploring topics from classic “What’s Bugging You?” radio segments. 
  • "Brewer’s Sessions," VPM’s inaugural digital-first series, continues to explore Richmond's music scene from an intimate setting inside Brewer's Cafe in Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood. The series even hosted a special Juneteenth edition, inspired by the VMFA's exhibit “The Dirty South.” 
  • VPM continues to host virtual events, facilitating important discussions and ensuring our community can continue to engage with one another as we navigate the ever-changing post-covid world. The virtual discussion series, "Racism: Challenging Perceptions" (started in Fall 2020) continues to address systemic issues of equity in education, access to wealth, housing disparities and more. These discussions, hosted on Zoom, are recorded and can be watched anytime.  
  • Don’t forget, you can enjoy LIVE streams of VPM MusicVPM News AND VPM PBS on our website at anytime. 

All of this and so much more is made possible thanks to community members like you who partner with VPM to deliver the best in public media each year. Give by December 31 to secure your 2021 tax benefits and support the VPM programs you love and rely on. 

*Not sure if you have VPM Passport? Check HERE

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