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Songs and Stories with Mary and Mike

Songs and Stories with Mary and Mike
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Songs and Stories with Mary and Mike uses music and story as the joyful pathway to learning for young children, while integrating and modeling the state's new EC learning standards for literacy, math, and social emotional learning as well as the National Standards for Music Education. The show forges connections across the greater community by featuring guest teachers, artists, musicians, authors, and community members. With every music selection, book selection, and guest spotlight, Mary and Mike strive for a rich, diverse, beautiful representation of all people and cultures. The message to beautiful learners is clear: they are loved, they are valued, and they can do amazing things.

Meet the Creators

Mary and Mike AndersonMary and Mike Anderson have over 30 years of combined experience in teaching music to young children. Since meeting on the first day of class for their master’s program at Boston University, Mary and Mike have been driven by their belief in the power of the arts to change lives for the better to develop high-quality music learning experiences for children in all kinds of learning environments. Music and books have the power to joyfully engage young children while also being the pathway to deeper learning, and Mary and Mike dedicate their skills, knowledge, and passion to helping ensure that all children have what they need to reach their highest potential. (Photo: Jack Looney)