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How Effective Is the Astrazenica Vaccine?

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Tens of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine have started to make their way around the globe. But, we will still need many more to effectively vaccinate our entire human family - especially those in countries with limited resources for logistics. This means we'll need more companies and more types of shots to address global needs. In the states we've got three vaccines that have gotten emergency use authorization. Now all eyes are turning to AstraZenica to see how effective this vaccine is. How effective is the AstraZenica vaccine? 

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The latest US results from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine trial are showing positive signs on its efficacy and some pretty encouraging data to back up the claims. For starters this Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine trial was the largest test of its kind for this type of shot. 

A bigger trial group allows scientists to test on a wider range of people to ensure that this vaccine is really safe for everyone. Following on false claims of this vaccine's nonexistent link to blood clots, a study by the WHO reinforced that this vaccine is indeed safe.

So, the results? Like all the other vaccine options available in the US, the Astrazeneca vaccine showed 100% prevention of severe disease, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. The efficacy of this shot was also very high, 76% over all effectiveness in preventing symptomatic infections. This latest US trial also shows that the vaccine offers strong protection for elderly individuals as well, up to 85%!

This vaccine has already been approved in 70 countries and experts agree that its storage at refrigerator temperatures as well as low cost per dose makes this one of the "global game changers" for worldwide vaccination. Here in the US, the FDA will now examine the results of this trial and see if the Astrazeneca vaccine is ready for an emergency use authorization. AstraZenica's executive vice president has also said there could be 50 million shots available for distribution within the first month of emergency use authorization. 

Four vaccines in just over a year since the pandemic broke is truly an amazing scientific achievement. Science, hard at work right before our eyes! Thanks for stopping by, we'll have more science for you next week, but till then stay safe, mask up, and vaccinate when you get your opportunity! 


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