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Future Scientists Compete at Metro Richmond STEM Fair

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Our scientific future is in good hands. And how can we tell? Take a look at the young researchers and scientists who competed Saturday (March 15) in the 2014 Metro Richmond STEM Fair, sponsored by the MathScience Innovation Center. Over 100 students competed for a chance to earn academic recognition and awards. The four Grand Prize Winners qualified for a weeklong trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. John Ogle of 88.9 WCVE shares a special video report.

The Grand Prize Winners included: Michelle Marquez of the Math & Science High School at Clover Hill and three students from the Science, Math, and Technology Center at Godwin High School - Nayla Labban, Rohan Mathew, and David Lu. For a complete listing of results, click here.

The trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in LA is funded by the MathScience Innovation Center and corporate sponsors of the Metro Richmond STEM Fair including Dominion, DuPont, and Northrop Grumman.

Congratulations to all who competed and continued success with your research and scientific endeavors!


Special Report and video by John Ogle, WCVE FM and Patrick LaVan of Different Day Productions.

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