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UVA Spacecraft Design Team to Launch Payload Aboard NASA Scientific Balloon

UVA Students

We have a desire to go into space to find out what’s on other worlds and to learn more about dangers such as Cosmic radiation. Nine University of Virginia students have teamed up with NASA to send a cosmic ray experiment 23 miles into space on a giant high-altitude balloon to determine how much radiation is too much. The students have been working on the project for 2 years and the NASA balloon with payload will launch any day now.  

High Altitude Balloon“This is an opportunity to involve our undergraduates in a real-world project; working side-by-side with NASA engineers and scientists,” said Christopher Goyne, a U.Va. professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and faculty leader of the student-run project. He also directs U.Va.’s Aerospace Research Laboratory. “The students are effectively working as professional engineers and scientists; they’ve done all the design work and construction of the payload, they’ve tested it, and now they’re ready to fly it.”

Listen to this report by 88.9 WCVE’s Charles Fishburne to learn more.

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Weather will dictate the exact launch date and time. To see preparations and the eventual flight in action, click here and here.