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DIY Nature Collection Box

Unplug the Electronics and Plug into Mother Nature

Studies show that children who spend time exploring the outdoors and nature are more cheerful, attentive, and more inquisitive. Nature exploration stimulates the senses with real smells, sounds, sights, and textures and expands the brain.

Nature is full of hidden treasures. In this DIY activity, children explore nature and practice early science and math skills by creating a collection of items found in nature and then organizing their collections into categories for display.

What You’ll Need:

  • A local park, backyard, or woods for exploration
  • Several plastic or paper bags for collected items
  • A shoe box
  • Materials to decorate the shoe box (ex: ribbon, constructions paper, stickers, etc ...)

1.) Decorate Your Nature Box

Using crayons, markers, glitter, etc your kids will have a blast decorating their treasure box. Your kids could even make their own stamps using leaves or other natural items and paint and then press the items onto the box. This is their chance to let their creativity run wild!

2.) Collect Nature Items

In your local park, backyard or woods, work with your child to explore and collect items from nature. Talk with your child about the things they could collect like twigs, leaves, rocks, acorns, pine cones, etc. Encourage your child to collect a variety of things in several categories!

3.) Sort and Categorize

At home, have your child look through their collection to see what they have found. Talk about the categories or "types" of things they have found. Are there categories with more than one thing (e.g. 2 leaves, 4 brown things, etc)? Have them sort their items into the various categories they have defined. 

4.) Display

Sharing is caring! Encourage your child to share and explain their nature treasures with a friend or other adult. This is a great way for them to retain the fun information they learned on their nature treasure hunt! 

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