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Make Your Own Children's Book

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Everyone Loves a Good Story – Especially Their Own!

Children of all ages can build many skills and have fun creating their own story books.

The benefits of reading to our children and encouraging them to read on their own are well known. Those same benefits are expanded even further when children create their own stories. In this DIY activity, children of all ages can use their natural creativity to invent a story or express themselves by telling a story about their own experiences.

What You’ll Need:

  • A few pieces of blank paper, any kind.  Standard printer paper or construction or craft paper work great.  Folding a piece of 8.5 x 11” paper in half creates four book pages
  • Writing and coloring instruments such as crayons, markers, colored pencils or pens to write the words of the story and to draw pictures for illustrations
  • A stapler to “bind” the book pages together

Optional:  old magazines, scissors and glue sticks if you and your child would like to cut pictures out of old magazines to add to the illustrations, or any other materials you and your child might want to use to illustrate your story:  glitter, glue, yarn or ribbon, cotton balls -anything you want!


Step 1 ~

Talk to your child about what kind of story he or she could create. Does your child want to create a story about a favorite character? A character they’ve just made up? Maybe a story about themselves and your family? Let your child take the lead and ask them open questions to get their creative juices flowing if they need prompting. Some questions you might ask: “Where will your story take place?” “What will your character do?” “Who will the character be with?” “How will the story end?” “What should we call our story?”

Step 2 ~

Fold the papers in half to create the pages of the story book. If your child is too young to write, you can be the “secretary” and write the words of the story on each page, while your child can draw pictures or decorate each page to illustrate the story. If your child is beginning to write, consider having him write his/her name on the cover as the author and write the familiar short words of the story. If your child is a proficient writer, maybe you could take turns writing the words on alternating pages and draw a few of the illustrations. The important thing is that you are working together!

Step 3 ~

Once the story is written and illustrated, staple the pages together at the creases. Now your child can enjoy their new book! Your story is sure to become a favorite that will be read over and over and cherished for years to come.

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Stephanie Lindsey Hiss

Blog author Stephanie Lindsey Hiss is an attorney, advocate and mom who co-wrote "Superman to the Rescue" and "Spiderman and Batman to the Rescue" in 2007 with her then-preschooler. They now watch Antiques Roadshow together and fantasize about what items in their attic might be worth "at auction.