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Make Your Own Fireworks Stamps

kid with paint on hands

What comes to mind when you think of celebrating the Fourth of July? Perhaps, a hot summer day, BBQ and fireworks!

Teach your child about patterns and printmaking by taking household items and turning them into funky, DIY stamps. With these fireworks paintings, you can let your child's imagination soar!

Photos by KeAnna Anglin

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Red, White, and Blue Paint
  • Household Items: ex. Paper Cups, Straws, Forks, Pine Needles etc. 

Let's jump right in!

For the first painting, we used a paper cup left over from a birthday party. Start by cutting slits into the top of the cup so when you press the cup down, the slits lay flat against the table. 

Talk with your child about how the width of the slits can change the look of the firework. They can experiment with making different shapes and sizes. 

Start by taping about five or six straws togther around the top. To create the shape of the firework, bend each straw backwards and tape the base of the folded straws together to provide stability.

Next, dip the straws into red, white, and blue paint and begin stamping them on paper. Boom! 

Have any plastic forks lying around that you haven't used in years? Perfect!

Gather at least three forks, one for each color. Next, dip the forks into red, white, and blue paint and you know what to do next ... start making fireworks!

For the next painting, we headed outside to find items for our one of a kind stamp!

Does your child like the big loud fireworks or the ones that fall down like willow trees? By using pine needles, they can stamp and swoop the paint across the paper. 

We can't wait to see what type of fireworks stamps you create with items found around the house. Show us your fireworks artwork by posting a picture on our Facebook page.

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This blog was created by WCVE interns Brenna Monk and KeAnna Anglin who are both children at heart.