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Build A Garden In A Glove

Science Museum of Virginia educators taught us how to make a “Garden in Glove” at Explore the Outdoors this year. Here are the steps to do it yourself and get started on that garden this summer.

Have you ever thought about having your own garden? Planting a garden in your backyard (or in this case, a glove!) can be beneficial to the environment for several reasons. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can reduce pesticide consumption and enhance the quality of foods you eat. Planting seeds native to your local area is an easy way to provide nectar, pollen, and seeds for insects that need them. If a seed receives the proper amount of sunlight, air, and water it will sprout into a plant through a process called germination. When plants obtain these three resources and photosynthesis occurs, plants produce oxygen, which is an essential gas needed by humans and animals to thrive.

Follow these easy steps to grow your own garden in a glove (click here for PDF):

  • Collect 10 cotton balls, 1 clear plastic glove, water, and an assortment of seeds- such as cucumber, kidney beans, tomatoe, peas and basil.
  • Dip 2 cotton balls in water and ring them out.
  • Next, place a few seeds (of the same type) into the 2 damp cotton balls.
  • Place the damp cotton balls and seeds into one finger of the glove.
  • Complete this step for each finger of the glove and use different seeds for each finger.
  • Label each finger of the glove to remember what plant will sprout.
  • Tie the end of the glove and hang it up in an area where it will receive bright sunlight (a window works great!).
  • After 3 – 5 days, you will begin to see roots break through the seed cover.
  • Once this occurs, it’s time to remove the cotton ball and sprout, plant it in the soil and watch it grow!

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Article by: Sarah Waldrop, Education Programs Coordinator, Science Museum of Virginia

Science Matters shares another great resource for this topic. National Agriculture in the Classroom has a curriculum, vocabulary words, questions to ask and related books for the K-2 year old set on creating a “Garden in a Glove.”