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VCU Surgeon Ranked Among Nation's Most Active in Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr. Kathryn Holloway
Dr. Kathryn Holloway

Patients from across the country and surgeons from around the world come to benefit from the practice and pioneering work of VCU Health’s Dr. Kathryn Holloway, who has been listed among the most active in the world in deep brain stimulation. Dr. Holloway relieves the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia and essential tremor, by inserting a probe deep into the brain.

Guided by MRI and her own device which functions like a GPS for the brain, and with the patient conscious and alert, Dr. Holloway finds the very spot and the precise electrical charge that reduces and often eliminates symptoms. She then implants a fine wire and electrical controller which can be adjusted as needed.

To date, Holloway has performed more than 500 lead implant surgeries and close to 1,000 general deep brain stimulation surgeries.

Dr. Holloway is a professor of Neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Neurosurgical Director of the VCU Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center and the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA PADRECC Center.

Watch Dr. Holloway’s lecture at “Dissecting Science: Your Amazing Brain” from November 2015.