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DIY: Painting with Evergreens

pine needle painting

“Painting with Evergreens” from Project Learning Tree’s Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood is an experiential art activity to help children become more aware of evergreen trees and their needles and have fun while doing so. Children can paint with an individual needle, a group of two or three naturally attached needles, or bundle several pine needles together and tape to form a brush. Watch this Science Matters video to learn how to do this at home.

All you need for this creative activity is a paper plate (or something similar), tempera paint, paper, and evergreen needles. You and your child will enjoy exploring different evergreen trees and finding the one that has the needles that are “just right” for painting! Try several different types and see what kind of visual affect they create.

While exploring evergreens looking for the “just right” brush, you and your child can feel the different needles and decide if they’re prickly or tickly. How many different evergreens can you find? How are they the same? How are they different? Can you paint with the needles from all of them? Look for the cones from each of the evergreens you find. Are they all the same? Do all the evergreens smell the same?

Exploring and painting – two very fun activities to do!

Project Learning Tree, the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation, is committed to creating a future where the next generation values the natural world and has the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions and take responsible actions to sustain forests and the broader environment.

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Article by: Page Hutchinson, State Coordinator Project Learning Tree, contact info: [email protected], (804) 966.2201, ext. 115.