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Illustrating WCVE

Virginia artists illustrate their love for WCVE. Jen Vittum

To quote Edward Hopper, “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” In that case, how do artists express their love for say...public broadcasting? Over the next five weeks, WCVE will feature the artists behind public media fan art and explore just how they sketch out their admiration for their local broadcasting station.


Christiana Woodard

“I express my inspirations best through illustrations.” -Christiana Woodard

WCVE keeps children's book illustrator and new mom Christiana Woodard in the know. “Between caring for the baby and keeping up with my own artistic career, WCVE’s Instagram is the only way I’m able to stay informed on what’s going on in my community.” When Woodard scrolled down Instagram to discover the Hugo the Cat fan art sketch by Robert Brossart, she saw her chance to share her artistic voice and support public broadcasting all at once. “Hugo the Cat is how Robert expresses his enjoyment for WCVE. With my fan art, I’m able to represent how WCVE has changed my life and my family’s lives for the better.”

Follow Christiana’s work on Instagram @christianarva


Jen Vittum

“I love to make people smile and laugh and these paintings have definitely done that.”

Jen Vittum has tuned into WCVE since she was a PBS kid. Now she uses her craft to educate, entertain and inspire her audience. “I want to do what I can to support public programing because if it wasn’t for PBS, so many stories would go unnoticed in the bigger picture.” The daughter of a stand-up comedian, Jen wanted to reflect WCVE’s mission with levity. “I find my work as an artist to be an expression of my odd sense of humor combined with my love of color, animals, cities and maps.” Through humor, education and of course, art, Jen believes we can change the world for the better. “I believe knowledge leads to unity, understanding and acceptance. Virginia is a very diverse community and we all can come together through art, music, theatre, history, and science. Public broadcasting provides an open forum for those discussions.”

Follow Jen’s work on Instagram @jenvittum