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Local Artist Designs WCVE's Newest Collectible Mug

Louise Ricks

Louise Ricks with WCVE’s digital team, sat down with local artist Jasmine Mills to talk about the latest WCVE mug design. Purchase your own collectible mug designed by Jasmine at any of the WCVE Mug Stops: www.ideastations.org/mugstop.

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Imagine a warm, Virginia summer night in your garden. A cardinal flits between the Dogwood branches, honey bees buzz around summer blooms and 88.9 WCVE plays in the background as you sip on an ice cold glass of sweet tea. These are the images that manifest in the mind of local artist, Jasmine Mills as she illustrated the latest WCVE mug design.

Art and public media go hand in hand in Jasmine’s life.

“When I was 6 years old I was listening to or watching WCVE every day. That was the same year I participated in my first art contest at J.E.B. Stuart Elementary. My picture was chosen for the school calendar and after that I won best illustration in the Young Authors contest. I was so proud and I knew I wanted to be an artist!”

As Jasmine grew and continued to explore her craft, WCVE was with her every step of the way.

“WCVE has had a huge, fantastic impact on my life. It has added another level of information and education into my world and continues to build my curiosity. I always have WCVE on in my car or on TV so I can be introduced to new cultures and experiences.”

Jasmine kicks back with Virginia Currents, This Old House, NOVA and Antiques Roadshow but when she's painting, “I’m definitely listening to the classical music selection during the day and jazz in the evenings.”

One morning in May, Jasmine heard WCVE talk about Mug Stops on the radio, a weeklong event for listeners to meet their favorite hosts in local coffee shops. She diverted her morning routine and headed to the Mug Stop to support the station. While there, she was inspired by WCVE’s most recent collectible mug featuring the work of local artist Robert Brossart. As a supporter and fan, Jasmine felt compelled to donate her own artwork to the cause.

“A simple coffee mug is so much more. It’s the chance to enjoy a quiet moment before a busy day.  Just as the cardinal perches and rests on the branches of the Dogwood tree, you can take a moment to enjoy your own thoughts for a second. The Dogwood represents resilience and beauty that stands the test of time and does thankless, important work in the background just like WCVE, who uses the power of broadcasting for good.”

Jasmine hopes her design will inspire others to give back to their community in new and creative ways.

“I hope artists know that nothing can ever hold them back if they really want it. There will be many times you will feel defeated, but always pick up that brush, pen or pencil and put your heart and soul into everything you do!”

Follow Jasmine's work at www.artistxdesigns.com or visit it in person at Art Works Gallery.