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Harrisonburg Viewing Area Program Changes (WVPT and WVPY)

On June 11, 2018, WVPT moved fully under the Community Idea Stations family of stations, bringing new viewing options to the Shenandoah Valley viewing area.

The new WVPT program options in our region are as follows:

  • On 51.2, a new, robust lineup of PBS programming becomes available as a viewing alternative to 51.1. The station features completely different programs, not available on 51.1, and rebroadcasts of favorites you might have missed earlier in the week.
  • "Create" is replacing "World" on 51.3. Create is the TV channel for cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvements, and travel. 
  • On 51.4 is a new channel dedicated to PBS Kids -- featuring children's educational and instructional programming 24/7!

WVPY Over the Air broadcast discontinued on June 11 at 12:01 a.m.

  • In 2013 WVPT sold the WVPY spectrum (viewing area in Winchester, Front Royal and farther north) at a time of financial distress.
  • In 2017 WVPT merged with the Community Idea Stations headquartered in Richmond.
  • We were able to retain the WVPY license by moving the city of license from Front Royal to New Market. This is allowing us to send all for WVPT stations listed above to all cable viewers in the area.

Some viewers in the WVPY and the WVPT viewing area may be having problems that may be resolved in the following ways:

  • Over the air viewers in all areas should first try to re-scan their television to see if that fixes the they can pick up all of the new program options. For more information on re-scanning your television, please visit fcc.gov/rescanSome viewers, who previously watched WVPY on channel 42, may still be able to receive WVPT by re-scanning your television set to try and pick up channel 51 or manually entering in 51.Some viewers may be able to pick up WVPT if they redirect their antenna.Some viewers in the WVPY area may not be able to pick up WVPT, but may be able to pick up WETA out of Washington, DC.
  • All members can watch PBS programs on demand online through WVPT Passport. They can join WVPT Passport by going to video.wvpt.net
  • Current WVPT members who haven’t activated their passport membership, can do so by visiting wvpt.net/passport.
  • If you watch via Cable, Satellite or a streaming service, (Dish, Direct, Comcast, Xfinity, Shentel) check with your local provider as to the new lineup with the recent channel changes.

For specific questions, please contact the following individuals:

To view the complete story about the channel share and lineup, please visit wvpt.net/wvpyspectrum.