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Community Idea Stations Reorganizes to Position for the Future

Dear Friends,

We’ve now put the finishing touches on one of the most significant years in our corporate history, and the future holds great promise. The Virginia Foundation for Public Media was formed to manage the proceeds from the spectrum auction and to act as a parent organization supporting the Community Idea Stations. While the Foundation was coming together, a comprehensive strategic planning process was under way, and both the Board of Directors and Senior Staff have worked hand in hand to plan for the future. Along the way, we expanded our television footprint into the Shenandoah Valley and added new radio capacity that resulted in dedicated channels for both news and music.

In order to maximize the considerable opportunity now presented, the Board of Directors has made the decision to create a new CEO position for the Foundation. This individual will be charged with overseeing operations for both the Foundation and the Community Idea Stations, allowing the two entities to work with a unified purpose. A national search is being conducted to find a person with outstanding experience and credentials to fill this role.

With the creation of the new Foundation CEO position, the position of CEO of the Community Idea Stations will be eliminated. Commitment to local impact will remain of utmost importance, but we now have the resources to step up our efforts to extend the impact of our programming and partnerships on the national stage. Navigating this transformed company through a rapidly changing media landscape will require new skills and experience. Accordingly, I will be leaving the organization as of September 14.

Bill Miller will serve as Interim CEO until the new Foundation CEO is brought on board. I am working closely with Bill and senior management to ensure programs and services are not disrupted. You have an extraordinary group of gifted people managing the Stations who are dedicated to its mission. Rest assured that the Stations’ future is in very good hands.

I’m proud to have helped create a culture of excellence that will endure for years to come. The Community Idea Stations is ready, willing, and able to move forward into a new chapter of great achievement. The friendships I have developed will endure, as will my deep and abiding affection and respect for the Community Idea Stations. Just as this is a new beginning for the company, it’s a new beginning for me. I look forward to whatever opportunities lie ahead.


A. Curtis Monk