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What are Some Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste?

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A good mind is a terrible thing to waste and a good mind would certainly not want to waste a precious resource like water. The folks at Energy Star have put together some ways that the nation wastes water (it’s a lot of water too!) and a few ways to plug those holes to enact some big savings in return. What are some ways to reduce your water waste? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to learn more.

As we enter the holiday shopping season we try to properly use one resource, money! But a lot of money can be saved by conserving another daily resource, water. You already know that water is one of the most scarce resources on Earth and that first world nations have easy and frequent access to water.  The amount of water wasted in an average household, however,  is pretty alarming. Here’s a quick walk through some ways to prevent water waste, lower your water bill, and be good stewards of the Earth.

Those few moments:

You know those few moments you let the faucet run before the water gets to the cool temperature you enjoy?

Sure, it cools the water down to a nice and cool sip-able temperature, but all those open tap moments combined are quite the waste of water. In fact after about 30 seconds worth of open faucet time you’ve already wasted one gallon!

Bottle up some water and put it in the fridge to prevent those few moments of water waste every time you’re at the faucet! Getting the desired water temperature is a huge water waste for both heating up and cooling down to ideal temperatures.

Also, let's face it, our parents were right, we should not leave the tap running while brushing our teeth. This is an easy fix and all that wasted water adds up over time. This could save from 5 gallons or so every time you want to clean those chompers.



In the garden:

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. A great chance to be outside, design and develop your perfect gardening landscape, and get some fruits or veggies as an extra bonus. Here too there are some major water wastes happening and some simple tweaks can make a world of difference.

A lot of folks get exotic plants and vegetation which certainly makes for some unique garden experiences, but they require a lot of water too. Native plants have evolved to thrive in the existing environment's conditions and that includes the amount of water they need to survive. Planting native species requires far less water and would be helpful for regional pollinators too! A double win for Planet Earth and your water costs!

Also, watering your garden in the afternoon leads to water loss from evaporation, mornings are suggested for more efficient water use!



Then there’s potty-time:

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, but sometimes the old toilets gotta go! Toilets installed before 1992 can use between 3 to 7 gallons per flush while newer toilets only use about 1.5 gallons.

Remember folks, every flush counts!

Your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways:

Paved spaces like driveways and sidewalks too occasionally need a little cleaning. Some folks like a spotless place to walk or park their cars. While we are all in favor of a clean area we want to nudge you to consider not using a hose to clean those areas. Sweeping these paved spaces would not only eliminate that water use/waste entirely but would also slowly help your arms get buff. Saving water and getting upper arms in Vin Diesel condition? Bonus!



Showering your loved ones with gifts:

After all this water waste has lowered your water bill, you may find yourself with some extra cash. So, for the holiday season perhaps passing on the water savings with some water-friendly gifts.

Are you looking for that perfect gift for that special someone in your life this holiday season? How about a water aerator?!? Shower heads that mix air with water create a stronger flow while reducing the amount of water used.

High efficiency shower heads save up to 3,500 gallons a year, good savings for your wallet too!

These are some simple ways to save on water costs at home. While the global population continues to rise and water becomes more and more of a precious resources, these ideas will not only help with savings at home, but will provide an excellent step towards the larger movement towards water conservation.

These are small suggestions on some quick savings techniques that could really make a big splash in reducing your water bill this holiday season!

Only about 3% of all the water on Earth is fresh water. This is what we use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Conserving this to provide for a global pupation is an important responsibility that falls in all of our hands. If you have access to water, enjoy it, use it, and conserve it where you can!

A friendly reminder to drink responsibly.