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About VPM Internships

VPM is the largest locally owned and operated public media company in the region, each week reaching more than 300,000 people throughout central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. In addition, we serve as the local PBS & NPR station for communities across Virginia such as Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond. Thanks to donor support, including a generous grant from the family of Sarah Raybin Portlock, VPM is pleased to offer an internship program to students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate studies (or) students who have graduated twelve months prior to the time of application. High School students may also be considered. We currently offer internships in the areas of: News, Radio/Music, Production, Digital, and Community Engagement. Internships are available for Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer semesters.

Applicants must be eligible to work in the US. Work schedules are typically weekday daytime hours, 12 - 20 hours per week. Internships may be paid or completed in exchange for college credit. Interns are embedded with a specific department and perform meaningful work designed to help the station achieve goals, and to help the intern receive a real world experience.

Ideal Majors/Concentrations: Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Computer Science, Television Production, Production, Video/Film, Communications, Media Arts & Design, Media Studies, Music Education, Music Performance.

Visit www.vpm.org/intern to apply.


VPM News Intern (Richmond): All semesters apply. Intern tasks include: Covering news events, write/record stories for newscasts and web, record/edit community events, speeches, roundtables, etc for broadcast. Some may work on a semester long feature storytelling project.

Requirements: Some experience is required. Resume, writing samples, audio samples, and a cover letter must be submitted for consideration.

VPM Music Intern (Richmond): All semesters apply. Intern tasks vary depending on the qualifications of the individual. Some tasks include: assisting with interviews and live performances, helping create online playlists, and maintaining a calendar of local events.

Requirements: Open to all levels of experience. Must submit anything that shows involvement and interest in music and/or cover letter detailing why an internship here would be beneficial to both VPM and the potential intern.

Post Production (Richmond): Intern tasks include: Post-production assistance including transcription, media management, and video editing. 

VPM Digital Intern (Richmond): All semesters apply. Intern tasks include: Helping to develop graphics for social media and web, assisting team members in developing social media campaigns, project research, production assistant for video content, photography, helping to capture and edit audio, accompanying staff offsite to NPR, PBS, and interview/film venues. 

Requirements: Some experience required. Must submit a resume, cover letter, and link to portfolio/video reel for consideration.

VPM Digital Intern (Charlottesville): All semesters apply. Intern tasks include: Creating social media posts, writing articles, producing videos.

Requirements: Some experience required. Must submit a resume along with any writing or video samples for consideration.

Digital News Intern (Richmond): Fall, Winter/Spring only. This intern would work directly with the VPM Digital News department, a liaison between VPM News and VPM Digital. Intern tasks include: Video/Audio Production Assistant, drafting social media posts, creating visualizations to accompany reporting, producing digital videos and/or photography, shadowing reporters and conducting interviews for audio or video stories.

Requirements: Open to all levels of experience. Must submit a resume and samples of any media work: audio, video or writing for consideration.

VPM Marketing Intern: This intern would work with the marketing and communications team. Intern tasks include: assisting with development of digital ad campaign strategies and creative, writing and editing for print and digital communications, creating digital video or animation, and other projects as assigned.

Requirements: Some experience desired, but not required. Must submit work samples for consideration.

VPM Education & Engagement (Richmond): Authentic engagement deepens our relationships within the community. It is the key to building and maintaining vital connections that inform and ensure our content meets community needs and impacts beneficial change in our community.

Engagement opportunities fall into one or more of the following 5 genres: arts, culture, history, science, and education. Intern tasks vary depending on the qualifications of the individual and the specific engagement plan.

Requirements: Some experience in project management. All of Microsoft suite and Google Drive. Must submit a resume, and cover letter.