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Town of Ashland Will Help Curb Pollution With Unique Police Parking Lot

special parking lot

The Town of Ashland has embarked on an ambitious project to help clean up its own rivers and streams and keep its commitment to the Chesapeake Bay.

In Ashland yesterday (11/2) a fire hose was pumping gallons of water into the new police parking lot, that seemed to be sucking it up.

Town Engineer Ingrid Stenbjorn says the town had a crumbling parking lot and a polluted stream nearby and decided both needed more than a simple fix.

Ashland paved the parking lot with a special covering that funnels water to underground storage and releases it slowly and engineered the stream to be wider, slower, cleaner.

They dedicated both yesterday, with help from grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Virginia’s Stormwater Local Assistance Fund.

By next year, the EPA expects practices to be in place to meet 60% of its pollution reduction goal, with runoff being a prime offender.

The new Town of Ashland Police Parking Lot is putting them on track.