VPM Impact Areas

At VPM, we strive to create programs that make an impact, promote understanding and serve our community. Through storytelling and educational initiatives, we aim to connect you to what matters.

Our community impact is concentrated into five areas:

Arts – Through programming on television and radio, we take audiences to stages in our own backyard and around the world. On radio through Artsline and community service announcements, we support local arts organizations and keep our community abreast of local arts happenings.

History – From PBS national documentaries to our own award-winning locally-produced documentaries, we share the stories of our shared experiences.

Science – Our multi-media initiative Science Matters uses radio, television and the Web to encourage audience interest in science and exploration, STEM education and environmental sustainability and stewardship in our community.

News – On radio and television, we are a trusted news source for in-depth local, national and international news.

Children’s Education – Our VPM PBS KIDS literacy program helps parents and educators use PBS KIDS television programs, hands-on activities and reading to develop literacy skills in young children, putting them on the path for success in school.