VPM Early Childhood Education

The signature early childhood education program of VPM.

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About VPM Early Childhood Education

Since 1996, Ready To Learn, now VPM Early Childhood Education, has been the signature early childhood education initiative of Virginia’s home for Public Media. The PBS KIDS ® national program invests millions of dollars annually to create high-quality resources to prepare children for school and in life.

More than 40 percent of all children do not have access to high-quality preschool, and 90 percent of brain development takes place before the age of five. VPM Early Childhood Education works to surmount these challenges by providing information and free, accessible PBS KIDS® resources to parents and caregivers. The program empowers parents in our communities to be their children’s first teachers at this critical time in their development.

Goals to Support Success In School for Children Ages 0-8:
- Give parents, educators, and caregivers PBS KIDS® tools to help develop social-emotional, literacy, STEM, and healthy living skills in children ages 0-8

- Empower parents to support their children’s education at home

- Provide special attention to families in our community facing the greatest educational challenges

- Inform parents of the importance of brain development, high-quality interactions, school attendance, and summer learning