Day Sponsorship

Day Sponsorship

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Did you select Day Sponsorship as your Thank-You Gift from a recent pledge campaign or membership contribution? If yes, please Download a PDF Form (to mail or Fax).

What is a Day Sponsorship?
A Day Sponsorship is a unique way to show your support for VPM Public Radio. With a donation of $365 or more, you can choose any day of the year to celebrate a special event in your life or honor a friend, colleague or loved one on a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion.

When you “sponsor” a day, your message will air six times on the date of your choice, provided that no other donor has reserved that date. Only four Day Sponsorships are available per day, two on the VPM Music station and two on the VPM News station. Dates fill up quickly so it is best to reserve your date as soon as possible.

How should I format the message?
Day Sponsorships begin with “Today's programming on VPM is made possible by...” followed by the first and last names of the person or persons who made the contribution. You will have a maximum of 20 words after your name, for your message. Individual letters or numbers are considered words. For example, V-P-M would be 3 words. Day Sponsorships need to be written in the 3rd person. This is to avoid sounding as if our announcer is delivering the message. “Today's programming on VPM is made possible by John Smith, wishing his wife Mary a very happy birthday.” Please provide phonetic pronunciations, or verbal clues, for any words that might be in question, i.e. “Nina rhymes with china”.

Can I donate my Day Sponsorship to a non-profit?
Per FCC regulations, Day Sponsorships are non-transferable and may not be donated to a third party. The name of the sponsor has to be the one paying for the message. Example:
“... made possible by XYZ High School, hosting a cookout this Saturday.” The message has to be paid for by XYZ High School, it cannot be paid for by a parent and donated.

Can my Day Sponsorship be anonymous?
The FCC does not allow anonymous funded announcements. The message must clearly identify the person or persons paying for the Day Sponsorship by first and last names.

Can a non-profit or business buy a Day Sponsorship?
A non-profit can purchase a Day Sponsorship but the message must conform to the Day Sponsorship format, such as: “Today's programming on VPM is made possible by the Richmond Animal Rescue League, honoring founder John Doe as he celebrates his 100th birthday and 36,500 revolutions around the sun.”

Day Sponsorships purchased by businesses must meet all guidelines for corporate underwriting as defined by the FCC and by VPM. Business Day Sponsorships are limited to 4 announcements per day instead of 6 with a maximum of three times per year. Businesses interested in purchasing announcements are encouraged to contact VPM’s Corporate Sponsorship department at 804-560-8226 to learn about other options offered.

When can I use my Day Sponsorship?
All Day Sponsorships are to be paid in full in advance of the day selected. Your air date must fall within one year of your contribution. If you pledge $365 on March 1 you have until the following March 1 to use your Day Sponsorship.

Since all Day Sponsorships are pre-recorded, we will not be able to accommodate any last-minute request. The deadline for the information to be received will be 10 days prior to air.

Final Dos and Don’ts
Day Sponsorships cannot contain calls to action or superlatives. This pertains more to organizations or businesses. You cannot say, “the best in town” or “number 1 in the country” etc.  You can say, “celebrating 20 years serving the Richmond community.” You also cannot say “for information call…” or “come by and see us at….” But, you can say, “information available at….” and “located at…”

VPM reserves the right to make any necessary changes in order for the message to comply with our format.
Please remember that the purpose of a Day Sponsor is to identify individuals or groups and to help them celebrate a special occasion. No promotion of ideological, theological or political positions is allowed. Text must comply with FCC guidelines for public radio announcements.