"Alzheimer's: What You Can Do" Virtual Event

Date & Time

Thursday, June 24, 2021
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm



Debbie Mickle

About the Event

Join us for a special evening via Zoom on June 24 at 6:00 pm to explore the topic of "Alzheimer's: What You Can Do." Learn how to keep your body and brain healthy in order to improve your memory and cognition. "The brain you bring to the situation, whether diagnosed with Alzheimer's or not, impacts the quality of your life," Dr. Gayatri Devi explains. "There are many things you can do about dementia and Alzheimer's that are effective and available now to help change your life story going forward."

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This event is in conjunction with the third documentary in VPM's series of programs regarding dementia which airs in June on VPM PBS. The film "Alzheimer's: What You Can Do" delves into the research that shows how our social interactions, diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels and daily health habits have dramatic effects on our cognitive abilities as we age.  With scientific data and personal stories about holistic treatment approaches, this film explores the discoveries that are changing the medical profession's view of dementia.

Dr. Gayatri DeviThe evening's guest speaker will be Dr. Gayatri Devi, a neurologist featured in the film, and the Director of Park Avenue Neurology, Clinical Professor of Neurology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and Attending Neurologist at Lenox Hill Hospital | Northwell Health in New York City.  Dr. Devi has specialized in dementia and memory loss for more than two decades and focuses her career on promoting brain health and quality of life in neurologic disease.  She is the author of multiple books on the brain including The Spectrum of Hope: An Optimistic and New Approach to  Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, which describes Alzheimer's disease as a "spectrum disorder," and offers hope for millions of people living with Alzheimer's and the family members and others who care for them. Dr. Devi advocates passionately for early diagnosis and individualized treatment plans because even though currently there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, there are many things that we can do now to improve our brain health and mitigate or prevent cognitive decline.

Tina ThomasThe evening will be moderated by Tina R. Thomas, MSHP, BS, CDP, CADDCT Senior Director of Programs and Services for the Greater Richmond and the Central and Western Virginia Chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association. In this role, Tina leads the care and support team, they work to enhance support and expand reach, impact and educational efforts through the service area. Prior to joining the Alzheimer’s Association Tina worked as a Home Health and Hospice Administrator and a Dementia Education Specialist. Tina holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Care Administration and a Master’s of Science in Hospice and Palliative Studies. She holds post graduate certifications in Gerontology, Addictions Specialist, Pastoral Care, Nursing Home Administration, and Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Care. Tina is also a Dementia Friends Champion and a Roslyn Carter Institute, Dealing with Dementia facilitator.

Those participating in the online Zoom conversation will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage Dr. Devi and Ms. Thomas in the chat feature.

We encourage everyone interested in this event to watch the broadcast of the VPM documentary "Alzheimer's: What You Can Do" on June 22 at 8:00 PM, on VPM PBS, VPM Facebook, VPM YouTube or stream on this date and afterwards at vpm.org/dementia-series 

This event is presented in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association.

Special thanks to our sponsors:
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