Systemic Racism | Discussion Series

Date & Time

Thursday, August 20, 2020
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm


Virtual event
Richmond, VA 23235
United States


Mary Arritt

About the Event

In this VPM virtual discussion series, community experts and participants will explore:

  • - Richmond's history of systemic racism and its impact on our current culture
  • - Systemic racism's influence over systems, processes and procedures
  • - Disparities in health, housing, policing, wealth building and education in Black communities are rooted in systemic racism
  • - New ways to absorb information about unjust systems and encourage authentic conversations with your families and peer groups.

Registration is required to receive a link for each panel discussion. A link to this virtual discussion will be sent to you in a few weeks. Note: Our cap is 440 to provide an engaging experience.

August 20 - Systemic Racism: COVID-19 and recent, high-profile instances of police brutality against Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd have brought issues around systemic racism and racial disparities to the forefront. In this virtual panel discussion, join us as we explore the historic roots of these inequities and how they persist today.

Moderator - Adrienne Cole Johnson, MSW, Social Entrepreneur, Educational Leader, Businesswoman and Community Advocate


  • Elvatrice Belsches, Public Historian, Author, Filmmaker
  • Dr. Mignonne Guy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, VCU Department of African American Studies
  • Trey Hartt, Project Director, Performing Statistics
  • Christopher Rashsad Green, Community Advocate & Activist

Continue the conversations. Panelists will recommend resources to help educate you further and have deeper conversations with your family and friends beyond the panel discussions.

September 17 - Equity in Education: Providing equitable and fair access to education is a way to close achievement gaps between students However, due to the historic policies rooted in systemic racism, Black and African American families are faced with disparities in education for their children. In this discussion, we will explore how structural racism has influenced the K-12 education system.

October 15 - Access to Wealth: Why is there a racial wealth gap in our country? Black and African American families have a far lower percentage of wealth than White families in America. Even as the percentage of Black and African American college graduates increase, this wealth gap still persists.. During this discussion, we will explore how systemic and racist policies have affected wealth building in Black communities for generations and still affect the financial growth and stability of communities today.

November 19 - Disparities in Housing: Safe housing is a cornerstone to healthy living and home ownership has been a cornerstone for wealth building in America. In this discussion, we will explore how systemic policies rooted in racist agendas have limited Black and African American access to safe and affordable housing as well as home ownership.

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Many thanks to VPM and our partners for making these panel discussions and educational opportunities happen.

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