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The Turbans

What does this week's World Music Show (4/28) title mean? Well, it's all about the new music--they'll be more new music than you can shake a stick at--whatever that means. I'm not why that became a phrase.

Anyways, new music--that’s the key for this week’s World Music Show. Yes, I see what I did there, with that musical sort of pun, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this week’s show.

Because, here’s a brief glimpse into what to expect:

The critically acclaimed Malian actor/singer Fatoumata Diawara has her first solo album in 7 years. Her voice and beats are powerful, and she recently performed at Carnegie Hall alongside David Crosby, Chris Thile and Snarky Puppy.

Before I get redundant about all the newness being slathered over the airwaves and digital wires this week--because really, there’s a ton, we’ll also hear brand new music from Leni Stern off a new CD simply called “3.” Her breadth of musical style and chops has no bounds. She’s adept at dozens of styles and you’ll hear just a snippet.

The musician Thornato is an amalgam of everything World Music. Born in the northern woodlands of Sweden, his Cypriot mother encouraged his musical leanings at a young age. Thor grew up in a household filled with traditional Greek, African and Caribbean music. You’ll like what you hear.

Hector “Coco” Barez is a name you know if you’re familiar with the local World Music scene. His percussions are heard in bands such as Bio Ritmo and Miramar. Well, he’s gone rogue--I mean solo with great new CD called El Laberinto Coco.”

The band Monsieur Doumani are from Cyprus and their style is the oceans around that island--bold, beautiful, somewhat traditional but also experimental. We’ll hear a track off their new CD called “Angathin.” Also, they were once nominated for 'Best Group' in Songlines Awards 2016 and they’re known for smoking and drinking grappa while playing some great music.

On the great Six Degrees website info about the band The Turbans, they mention how unique it is for a band as diverse to come together in these politically charged times. The Turbans features musicians with roots in Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece, Spain, and England. Yet transmitting a political message was not their initial impulse. It was simply music. And what great music they make too. We’ll hear a track off their self-titled CD.

Not to missed too will be new music from The Brazilian Girls long awaited CD, a new song by a band on the Ample Play label called Gloria who are a French band who take “the best aspects of 1960s music and sprinkling them with Gallic charm,” according to Will Hodgkinson of The Times (in London).

There’s so much more great stuff happening on this week’s show, that I can’t list them all but do know you’ll also hear from The Two Men Traveling Medicine Show, David Byrne (of course), Meklit, Nina Miranda, Ladama and many more.

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