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Columbian band Diamente Eléctrico have an explosive sound DiamenteEléctrico,com

Sometimes shows just click. For instance on this week’s World Music Show (8/4), many of the artists I’m featuring encompass so many parts of the world with just their style. So, instead of concentrating on particular regions on the show this week, many of the songs will encompass all sorts of worldly styles. What could be better than that?

Well, I’ll tell you. I’ll also be celebrating my birthday via the show this week. And instead of seeking gifts (as Leo’s often like to do), I’ll be giving a gift to you by playing some of my favorite songs. In a nutshell, we’ll be having a bunch of new music as well as some of my choice tracks.

Gift Number One: New Music

Alex Cuba, the Cuban/Canadian musician just released a new track with musician Pedro Capó and as per usual, it’s an excellent, lovely number. Called ‘Suspendidos En El Tiempo” the song chronicles a modern love story with screens replacing touch as well as the current fascination with retro and analog culture such as vinyl and vintage art. “The old is new and the new is old as if we are suspended in time” sings Cuba. Cuba never seems to disappoint or miss the mark on his songs.

The Blue Dahlia is a band led by musician Dahlia Dumont. Dumont has a way of weaving in sounds from France, the Caribbean, Mexico and Eastern European areas into this new CD called “La Tradition Américaine” (release: August 10, 2018). She moved back to Brooklyn after years of living in France. While living in Brooklyn,  she was struggling with a new baby and her father’s illness and nursing school classes. But on walks by a global music club in Brooklyn called Barbès, she became inspired to try out some demos of her own--and “La Tradition Américaine” was born.

Diamente Eléctrico are a Columbian band who are also three-time Latin Grammy winners for the incredible alternative sounds. On their latest CD, called "Buitres" they continue to explode with sound. I’ll feature the song “Hacia la Noche,” which also has a great video. They’ve also played in some big name festivals such as Coachella (USA), Rock al Parque (Colombia), Vive Latino (Mexico), and  Eurockennes (France).  In addition, they recently collaborated with the legendary Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top for their previous single "Días Raros.”

Samite is a prolific multi-instrumentalist who masters in flute playing. Born in Uganda, he had to flee that area when he was younger. For a time he lived as a refuge in Kenya before he was able to land in America. On his new CD “Resilience” (release: September 14, 2018), his 11th album, he draws on those experiences. “At this time when I feel there's a lot of negative energy going around and people are feeling unsettled, we need to turn to music,” Samite reflects. “We all need to dig into ourselves and ask how do we make lives easier for other people around us, not just for ourselves? Music can help us find our way.” We’ll hear the song “Ntinda.”

Still new and not to be misses are songs from the Belfast singer John Andrews, whose new album is called “Johnny Was;” a Creole/Cajun track from Sean Ardoin, who created a new genre called Kreole Rock and Soul. It’s a roots-based sound that embraces and incorporates contemporary pop and classic rock. And we’ll hear a Ska tune from the Canadian Ska Band K-Man & The 45's.

Also in this chunk o’ new, we’ll hear a fun cover of the Archies “Sugar Sugar” done by the UK band Cornershop.

Gift Number Two: (Some) of my Favorite Tracks.

Now some of these can be open to speculation as “world music.” But, hear me out--some of the elements is a few of songs fall under the wide umbrella of World Music, I think.

David Byrne will have two songs in this category. Big surprise, right? For those of you new to the World Music Show, I happen to play a ton of Byrne. We’ll hear a the single off of “American Utopia” called “Everybody’s Coming to My House” and from “Grown Backwards” we’ll hear “Glass, Concrete and Stone.”

Then we’ll here a two-fer from The English Beat--another big surprise. Thrown in here too will be the Elvis Costello “Cincos Minutos Con Vos,” which features the singer Marisoul and the has the Roots as the backing band.

The song in question as “World Music” will “Radio Clash” by The Clash. I think this counts as World Music because of the Dub elements in the song. You tell me.

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