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New Release: Zealot Canticles

Zealot Canticles

Donald Nally is the conductor of the Grammy-winning Philadelphia based choir The Crossing. They have recently released a new album featuring a concert-length choral “oratorio” written by Lansing McLoskey, “Zealot Canticles.” It’s based on the writings of Wole Soyinka.

Lansing McLoskey: “Zealot Canticles”

  1. Movement 1 - Renunciation (Preludium)
  2. Movement 10 - The dog in dogma
  3. Movement 20 - On fire today

The Crossing:
Donald Nally, conductor
Doris Hall-Gulati, clarinet
Rebecca Harris, violin
Mandy Wolman, violin
Lorenzo Raval, viola
Arlen Hlusko, cello