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After Ten Years, Jazz Artist Ties Up 'Loose Ends' with New Recording

Taylor Barnett

Photo: Kristin Seward

Taylor Barnett is a jazz trumpeter, composer, assistant professor of music at VCU, and long-time member of No BS Brass. He describes his new album “Loose Ends” as a musical time capsule.

It was recorded in two sessions when he was in his twenties and at very different places in terms of his life and art. The music from the first session has a raw and free sensibility.

Made at Minimum Wage Recording in 2005, it features a group of musicians affiliated with the Devil's Workshop Big Band - an experimental ensemble that took the adventurous step of playing big band music without written arrangements.

The 2008 session features a larger seventeen-piece ensemble with a more precise and polished approach and was recorded at In Your Ear Studios.

In this segment, Taylor gives more context for each of the sessions and describes some of his musical influences. There are excerpts of several of the pieces on the new recording including solos by guitarist Trey Pollard, pianist Daniel Clarke and trumpeter John D’earth.