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Balancing Spontaneity with Structure - Composer David Dominique on His Recording "Mask"

David Dominique

David Dominique Photo by Joey Wharton daviddominique.com

David Dominique is a multi-faceted musician with advanced degrees in composition and theory and a background in indie rock, jazz, ska, and experimental improv. Based in Richmond and employed as an Assistant Professor of Music at William and Mary, Dominique maintains strong ties to the LA creative music scene. In this segment, he talks about his creative process and there are excerpts of several compositions from his recent album "Mask."

The recording is on Orenda records and features David Dominique on flugabone and vocals, Brian Walsh on tenor sax and clarinet, Joe Santa Maria on alto sax and flute, Sam Robles on alto and baritone sax, Lauren Baba on viola, Alex Noice on guitar and electronics, Michael Alvidrez on bass and Andrew Lessman on drums.

You can learn more about Dominique’s music at his bandcamp page, his website or on instagram.