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World Music Show Interview with Josh Waters Rudge of The Skints

The Skints are helping all swim in the pool of great beats

The Skints new album "Swimming Lessons" finds them deep into some great grooves. Tom Sykes with permission by the band The Skints

On the World Music Show last week (5-11), I spoke with The Skints Josh Waters Rudge about their new album called "Swimming Lessons" and their last album “FM." Plus, we spoke about the history of British Reggae/Punk and Ska and about one of their favorite bands Fishbone. And like Fishbone, The Skints musical style goes all over the map, jumping like Angelo Moore into the genres of Punk, Ska, Reggae, Dub and even into sweet ballads. Rudge likes it that way. 

The Skints also play a style they call Tropical Punk. I’ve been playing their last album called FM in which they harken back to the days of early British reggae songs from the 70s and 80s since it came out. On their newest LP lead singer, Josh Waters Rudge says the title comes from the feeling of freedom and movement you have when you first learn something new. Be sure to check out my interview along with some sound clips.