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Turn up the Heat

Steel Pulse is back

After a 15-year break, the British Reggae band Steel Pulse is back with a new album. Patrick Niddrie Steel Pulse/Co-Sign Records

Ok, before you pelt me with sno-cones or verbal ice-darts (hey, that could be a cool name for a band, right?), that headline does not mean I endorse any outside humidity. Instead, it’s all about this week’s World Music Show (5-25) in which the heat of beats will be on fire (ok, I know that’s a bad line, but it’s Friday and the start of a three day weekend. My brain is mushy).

So, I beg your pardon, I beg your forgiveness and I beg you to tune into this week’s show because I’ve got some great music lined up on the musical grill (ok, really, where is my mind at?).

We’ll hear some new music from the British Reggae band Steel Pulse, who have just released “Mass Manipulation” after a 15-year hiatus. Their new tracks are still full of the same political fire and beats as their past works. Gone is the now-outdated use of electronic drums and somewhat over production and in its place is a fresh outlook on life (like in the song “Don’t Shoot”) and with the music.

Also in the fresh category will be another new song from the Afro-celtic band Soulsha. This big band knows how to mash up genres. We’ll check out “Isle of Skye Reel.” Added to the newness will be another great song from the band out of Milano called Pinhdar. They’re channeling past arts-inspired tunes from Yoko Ono, Portishead and Goldfrap.

After all these fresh new tracks, I’m spinning the lazy susan of songs from all over the globe. In some parts, I’m in a mellow mood, so you’ll hear cuts from Ladama, Moreno Veloso, Kassin, Domenico Lancellotti and Vieux Farka Toure and Issa Bagayogo.

I also have a Latin groove mentality this week, so you’ll hear tracks from Otto, Loco Por Juana, Claudia Gomez and some Latin Texas Soul from Tomas Williams. Then we’ll do more grooving thanks to the Putumayo record label and their compilation called (wait for it) “A New Groove.” Off of that we’ll hear Emo’s “In the Back of the Car,” Alice Russell “High up on the Hook,” and Radio Citizen’s “The Hop.”

Then for remix type of tunes, we’ll hear a remix of Bob Marley’s “Lively Up Yourself” and Cornershop’s “Non-Stop Radio.”

Whether your brain is mush or the heat has you hunkered down, you’ll want to tune into The World Music Show, Saturday at 8pm on WCVE Music. In Richmond, it’s on 93.1 and 107.3FM or around the globe you can stream it online via this site (Richmond folks, don’t worry, you can stream it too).

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