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Sweet Treats and Wolves

Japanese band Shonen Knife have just released their 22nd album. Good Charcoal Records

It’s all about rhythm. It’s about rhythm and flow when it comes to how the World Music Show comes into focus. I guess you could call it organic. But perhaps that’s too deep. Because many times, I start the list with whatever new music comes into my box.

Other times I get an idea for a theme or a thread and the let show evolve around that. Not that anyone was asking, but that’s how the two-hour show gets done. It’s the sausage to the show.

And it’s with the former that this week’s show (6/22) achieved lift off. The female trio Shonen Knife sent me their latest CD called “Sweet Candy Power.” It’s their 22nd CD over their 25-year-plus career (that’s seen a few member changes). And like many of their past works, many of the songs revolve around food, have a driving, tight guitar structure and have a dose of humor.

 But despite the candy/food theme and humor, there’s no mistaking that these women know how to knock out powerful punk/pop tunes with a 60s girl band vibe. We’ll check out a few of the songs this week (along with another Japanese 60s influenced band Pizzicato Five).

Like Shonen Knife, the band Los Lobos have had a very long career. And because of this stretch, their bound to hit a few dozen anniversaries. Something like 35 years ago, the album “How Will the Wolf Survive” came out (1984). It garnered them the attention they deserved for this band out of East L.A. who spent many shows opening up for Punk bands such as X. At such shows they won over the crowd of some hardcore punks. I’ll play a couple of tracks off this album, including their “hit” single “Will the Wolf Survive?”

From here the rest of the show falls into the latter category of letting the organic stream of consciousness take over.

 Seun Kuti will lead into Gigi who’ll take us to Issa Bagayogo. Then I’ll take us to South America to hear from Dom La Nena, Forro in the Dark & Bebel Gilberto, Ceu and Claude Fontaine, who isn’t in South America at all, but her sound is.

In a random merry-go-round of tunes, we’ll hear a new song from on of the most popular bands out of South Africa called The Parlotones. Apparently their one of the biggest selling bands out of that country with more than 900,000 albums sold worldwide. But I’m late the game (as happens many times).

Also on the merry-go-round will be songs from 47Soul, Emanicapator and 9 Theory, Juana Molina, Lara Klaus (of Ladama), and Meklit, who was nice enough to send me some of her latest remixes.

 In a crutch I like to use, that of cover tunes, we’ll have a chunk of covers by Bang Data (Creedence Clearwater), Ceci Bastida (Psychedelic Furs), Javier Batiz (The Animals), The Jolly Boys (The Clash) and Fun Boy 3 covering the Go-Gos “Our Lips Our Sealed.”

As for the rest of the show, well, you’ll have to tune in. The World Music Show airs Saturday nights from 8-10pm on WCVE Music: 93.1 or 107.3FM or can be streamed via this site. Follow the fun on Twitter @wcveworldmusic or on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.