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Ladies & Gentleman, the Letters B & C

We're continuing the long journey through the world music alphabet on the this week's World Music Show. (Photo: Pixaby)

We’re continuing on our self-imposed challenge to wade through the alphabet, world music style on this week’s World Music Show (5/9). If you tuned in last week, you may remember that the goal was not to just zip through the alphabet lickety split.

No sir. Instead, I’m taking my time by playing everything on from both my CD and digital wall, which did I mention is taking a long time? 

Tony Allen
The late drummer and Afrobeat Co-Founder Tony Allen

But before we wrap up the letter B and start plodding our way through the next letter, I wanted to give a more, proper tribute to the late Afrobeat founder and drummer Tony Allen. Allen passed away last week at 79 and left behind a long and historic career that saw him at the forefront of the Afrobeat movement, which he created along with Fela Kuti

Allen continued playing with numerous bands as well as on solo or collaboration projects. From this vast history, I pulled a solo track he did called “Crazy Afrobeat;” a song he played on with Fela Kuti called “Who’re you?” Plus, there’s a track from the album he did with the Chicago Afrobeat Project and a duet he did with Hugh Masekela, called “We’ve Landed.” It’s just a brief tribute to a legendary musician. 

Ceci Bastida

After that, it’s back to the alphabet challenge, with tracks from Ceci Bastida, and the Beatles, which really is George Harrison’s instrumental track of “Within You/Without You” from the re-issue of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

Also in the first hour, we’ll hear from the Beastie Boys, who do a duet with legendary dub-master Lee “Scratch” Perry, a song from David Byrne’s all Latin dance album Rei Momo called “Loco de Amor,” which features singer Celia Cruz and was also featured in the film “Something Wild.” And rounding out the hour will be songs from Bjork and Beck

Before the hour ends though, we’ll finally start the next letter in our Alphabet quest--that’s right, the letter C!

Kicking off this letter but ending the hour will be Jimmy Cliff and Johnny Clegg. 

Starting off the second hour will hear a track from the Cuban/Canadian musician Alex Cuba’s album Lo Unico Constante, then we’ll move to Italy to hear from the big band Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino or simply CGS--they partner with our friend Piers Faccini. 

Slogging our way through this fine letter, we’ll also hear from the Brooklyn based Latin band Chicha Libre, the New York-based Japanese band Cibo Matto (who used to get help from Sean Lennon), and the Brazilian musician Ceu

Cibo Matto

But wait, there’s more! 

You don’t want to miss tracks from Max Capote, Cornershop, or the inventive musician Chancha via Circuito. Plus, there’s a great collaboration with Elvis Costello, the Roots and La Marisoul to check out. 

And closing out the show and the letter C will be songs from Cheikh Lo, the Clash, the DC-based Afrobeat band Chopteeth, the amazing funk master Cimafunk and the musician Cunao.

As they say, next week, we’ll move onward and upward, or I guess in the case of the alphabet, downward? 

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