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The Smell of Newness

La Chiva Gantiva

La Chiva Gantiva

We all love new things, right? From that new car smell to how new clothes feel to discovering a new restaurant, we all get a tad giddy when new things cross our path. So, imagine my joy for this week's World Music Show (6/21/14), because I'll get the chance to play a bevy of new music for you (but perhaps I should rename this week's episode "The Sound of Newness?").

And this newness of music won't just be spewed out in the first hour. Nope. There's enough of it to spread to hour two, as well. And sure, mixed in with the tracks of fresh, new songs will be some comparable ones, too, but you may want to look at those as just fillers to get you through to the new stuff. Of course, in thinking about it now, if you're a brand new listener to the World Music Show, then all of these songs may sound new to you (but that brain teaser messes with my own space-time continuum, so I won't go there).

Jump starting this week's "World of Newness" will be some tracks off a Six Degrees CD called Six Degrees of Brazil, Vol. 2--and as luck would have it, this week also falls within the realm of World Cup event, being played now in various parts of Brazil, so it's a win-win. Off that CD, we'll hear the upbeat song "Boom Boom Boom," by Da Cruz, and the song "Nunca Mais", by Zuco 103 (and remixed by Dj Patif, in case you're jotting this down for comparison sakes). Mixed in this first set will be a couple of my favorite songs from the defunct Brazilian/New York trio Mosquitos.

For chunk number two, we'll hear more NEWNESS! This time, it's from the band La Chiva Gantiva, who have been called a "frenetic carnival-punk racket that detonates like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms," by The Times. If that descriptive weren't enough think afrobeat, horn riffs and rock beats. Fun side note about this album--it was recorded in their own studio (which they built for this occasion, upstairs from a bar in central Brussels). We'll hear two tracks from this: "Vivo" and "Wepaje." Paired with these guys in this set will be a couple of strong, Latin alternative songs off a very special compilation CD (meaning: a personal one given to me by my pal Josh), which feature the Columbian band Aterciopelados and the Brazilian singer Marisa Monte.

And guess what starts the next set of music? That's right, newness! We'll move from the Latin theme over to a more Asian/Bollywood one. We'll hear a new song, called "House of Bhangra," by the musician David Starfire; and we'll hear a new song from one of my favorite singers Ceu, who--yes, happens to be Brazilian. I love her voice so much that I'll give her a "twofer," meaning I'll play a song off her first, self-titled CD.

To round out this first hour, we'll go back in time a bit to hear from "electric" Issa Bagayogo, as well as from the Ethiopian/California singer Gigi; and from one of the founders of Afrobeat--the legendary drummer Tony Allen (who is partnering with the artist Tweak).

For the second half of the show, we'll continue to unwrap the newness by hearing a new track from Seun Kuti (who is the son of the other founder of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti; and who is still playing with his father's band Egypt 80); as well as another tune from Issa Bagayogo. That Seun song, by the way, is called "Higher Consciousness," and it can be found on his new CD called "A Long Way to the Beginning."

And, if you're checking track listings, that song by Issa can be found on a Six Degrees compilation called African Travels. On another of those "travel" compilations, called "Arabian Travels," we'll hear from the band Banco de Gaia as well from Arabic Breakbeats.

Lest you think I forgot about the theme of tonight's World Music Show, or by the admission that this theme would carry on throughout the entire show, in the second chunk of tunes tonight, you can expect to hear a couple of new tracks from Ziggy Marley. Off his new CD, Fly Rasta, we'll hear the title track as well as the song "I Don't Want to Live on Mars." Paired with Ziggy will be a throwback of the Ska variety. We'll hear two track from Madness.

We Are Enfant TerribleAs for the rest of the show--I'll stretch the term "Newness," by playing a song off the latest CD (You'll note, that when I change the term "New" to "Latest," that this implies that the CD has been out for some time) from the French Trio We Are Enfant Terrible. And mixed with that will be a throwback by the duo Cibbo Matto (who have reunited!) and a sort new, remix song by Cornershop off their "Snap Yer Cookies," remix comilation. Phew!

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