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Buena Vista Social Club are back with never released tunes!

Talk about some lost and found sound! On this week's World Music Show (2/28), we'll hear some recent--not even released yet--music as well as some found or rather discovered prison music from the city of Zomba and we'll take some Asian and African travels to unearth some global dance music. And that's just the tip of the musical iceburg, if there was such a thing.

First, let's explore some of that Lost & Found music. And talk about a unique find, the folks at World Circuit records, who happened to put out the now very famous Buena Vista Social Club LPs (and subsequent off-shoots), have recently discovered some unreleased music from BVSC. These selections (which will be released to public on March 24--but I have connections!), are culled from the original album's sessions in Havana, while others come from the years that followed. The new CD (which will be distributed on Nonsuch), also features live recordings from the world tours of Buena Vista's legendary veterns. I'm wondering if this new release will reignite the same passion the first did--from the sounds of this CD, it just might.

Paired with the two new selections I'll play, will be a song by a band that was almost part of the Buena Vista Social Club. You see, the original intent of the BVSC sessions was to pair Cuban musicians with some Malian musicians. But a problem emerged when the Malian musicians and their producer couldn't get into Cuba due visa problems. What resulted was another album and band called Afrocubism. We'll hear the song "Mali Cuba." See if you can spot any similarities in these selections.

Zomba Prison ProjectAnd now for some Found, or rather discovered music, from a place one wouldn't go looking for music: Prison. In the summer of 2013 Grammy-winning producer, Ian Brennan (who produced Tinariwen, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, TV on the Radio), and his wife, Italian photographer, Marilena Deli, traveled to the border of Malawi and Mozambique to specifically document the music of prisoners at the maximum security prison in Zomba. More than five dozen people were recorded for the Zomba Prison Project sessions, totaling more than six hours of music. From this amazing project, we'll hear the songs "Listen to Me (or I will Kick your Ass)," and "Please, Don't Kill My Child."

Mixed with that set will be some African Travel music, however, these tracks by Issa Bagayogo and Mabi Thobejane are neither Lost nor Found. But maybe you'll find them as interesting as I do. Other interesting tracks to listen for will be some Super Guitar Soukous (as in guitar-driven dance music from Africa), from Dave Depeu and the Gueatan System. Plus, we'll get our World Groove on from the German duo who go by the name Jasmon. And we'll also take some Asian travels with the band Fun da Mental.

MbiraAlso featured in the first hour will be some more Found music--as in Found by me and new to me (that counts right?) by the collective known as Chimurenga Renaissance. Their new CD, called "Kudada Nevuka Munhu Mutema" (which means "Proud to be Afrikan." in Zimbabwe's native language of Shona), features some cool Mbira music. Mbira is the also known as a thumb piano, and this band mixes traditional sounds with soulful and genre defusing hip-hop. It's like combing the future and the past.

Now, as for hour two of this week's show, they'll be no more of this Lost & Found sound type of music. Instead, we'll crank up the volume a bit to to hear some Latin Rock N' Roll from the Spanish singer Bebe, as well some tunes from Mexico's Cafe Tacuba. Then, we'll revisit part of the first hour when we hear some new Dub music from a CD called "Rhythm & Dub (Rhythm & Culture)." Off that, we'll check out some stylistic tunes from Farid as well as a tune from Second Sky and Thomas Blondet.

German Rap from CROAnd what goes good with Dub music? Well, electronic tango/Argentinian music of course. We'll check out some sounds from the band La Chiva Gantiva. Plus, somewhere in this set will be some Bombay Beats from Nach De Punjabi. Plus, pictured below is the German rapper, CRO, who spins some pretty cool rap music. Of course, they'll be other tidbits of musical joy thrown in, too.

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