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Garifuna Rhythms, Juju Music, Lebanese Samba & More!

Moreno Veloso

After a 13-year absence of released music, Moreno Veloso is back

By that headline alone, you can probably tell that we've got a lot of musical ground to cover on this week's World Music Show (3/28). And, truth be told, that statement is pretty accurate. In fact, it's going to be a Sounds-stra-ganza! Or how about a Sound Explosion? That of course, makes better sense than that made up word.

In any event, let's get rolling.

First up, are thoe Garifuna rhythms. Garifuna rhythms encompass sounds from African, Caribbean and Indian roots from places like the island of St Vincent as well as from the coast Central America. These rhythms date back to when a group of shipwrecked slaves intermarried on the island of St. Vincent. Later they were deported to the Central American coast in the late eighteenth century. Incorporating and updating these sounds is musician Aurelio Martinez, who follows in the tradition of famed Garifuna musical icon Andy Palacio. Off his tribute CD that Palacio, here is the song "Lubara Wanwa," which is about a sailor who returns from the sea to await the birth of his child. This features the vocals of Senegalese Afropop icon Youssou N'Dour.

Partnered with Aurelio will be another musical icon, King Sunny Ade (pictured). Sunny Ade, plays a style called Juju music. Juju music is a style of Nigerian pop music using Yoruba Percussion, which is based on the Yoruba people of West Africa. It has nothing to do with voodoo, as many people used to think. King's signature style revolve aroun poly-rhythms, crisp guitars and life-affirming vocals.

A couple other of songs to look forward to, are a few tracks off the CD "I Speak Fula," which music from the Fula people and it highlights popular music from Mali, namely from the artist Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba. Featured on one of his tracks is legendary Kora player, Toumani Diabate. And, paired in this set will be a tune from another legendary group out of South Africa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. (Maybe I should retitle this blog to read "Legends, both old and new.")

Complicated AnimalsOk, before you think this first hour is all about cool beats out of various African locales, think again. We'll hop over to Brazil, or wait, really it's Michigan. Ok, maybe it's a tad of both. Don't worry, though, we're not lost. Blame the confusion on the band Complicated Animals. You see, they mix Brazilian sounds--thanks in part to Monica Da Silva, who is from Michigan, but also lived and is Brazilian--and in part to guitarist Chad Alger. They take Brazilian pop to a new level, mixing in tunes on their new CD "In this Game," that sound great on a road trip in America or Brazil. And as for that Michigan part, well, they recorded their new cd on the cold shores of Lake Michigan.

Jumpin on this happy bandwagon of happy souns will be some Big Noise/Funky Tropicalismo music from Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Kanda Bongo Man. Their songs are off a CD, pulled together by some great DJs who played at a place in South London called The Mambo Inn. They specialized in all these pumped up, funky sounds. 

Closing out the first hour will be that Lebanese Samba music by Tania Saleh. Is there such a thing? Of course there is, otherwise thi wouldn't be the World Music Show. Salah, who is a visual artist, designer, composer and lyricist, just released her fourth solo CD, called "A Few Images." The album is about love, but not the romantic, lovey-dovey sort. She takes a different perspective. And, her inspiration comes from Samba and Bossa Nova rhythms, but she adds Arabian instrumentation. 

Wow, all that music is just in the first hour! I haven't even gotten to explain the main picutre or anything with hour two. However, due to my rambling on and on about hour one, I'll try to brief. 

That cover photo is of the new CD by Brazilian Moreno Veloso, son of famed musician Caetano. Popular in his own right, he hasn't released an album in about 13 years, and the wait was worth it. Mixed into his set will be a couple of classic Samba tunes from the 1970s. In fact, they'll be Samba/Soul tunes. 

In another set, we'll turn up the volume and beats wen we rip off some tunes from the Spanish singer Bebe, the Pernambuco band Otto, and some Latin alternative tracks from the Red Hot label, in the form of Red Hot + Latin. Off their CD, we'll hear a combo that features Diego Frenkel, the band Aterciopelados and icon Laurie Anderson

Also featured in this hour will be tracks from Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Matsuki Ayumu and Cornershop. And I suppose they'll be some surprises thrown in, too. So, regardless of what headline you prefer, just know that this week's World Muic Show is going to be a great exploration, or explosion of sounds. Tune in Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE or stream it live online via this site. Get show updates from me via Twitter, @wcveworldmusic