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Riddle Me This

I'll have a great musical riddle for you on this week's show.

I love riddles. Well, that’s a lie. I enjoy them but sometimes my brain gets too riddled trying to solve some riddles. So don’t worry about any hard riddles for this week’s World Music Show (8/24). Plus, I’ll give you the answers toot-sweet.

We’ll have a great mix throughout the two-hours this week, with a chunk of great Latin Rock n’ Roll tunes from the bands Monoplasma, Diamente Electrico and Making Movies, who partner with legendary actor and musician Ruben Blades. They’ll cover a Ruben Blades and Lou Reed track called “Delilah.”


Kicking off the show, however will be a Latin/Afrobeat infused track from the latest CD by Carlos Santana called “Africa Speaks.” Plus, I’ll play another track off the recently released mega-album dedicated the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock by him called “Jingo,” and another (at the end of the show) by Richie Havens called “Handsome Johnny.” 

Mixing up the riddles will be a couple of Italian songs, one by the big band CGS, who partner with Piers Faccini (who we’ll also hear a solo song from) and from the long running Italian band Agricantus.

Keeping the mixed up vibe going will be songs from a few duos, including David Byrne and Brian Eno, Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba, and the Indian duo Midival Punditz, who have a brand new album out called "Rootha Yar." They play a really interesting mix of electronic tunes such as Bhangra and Old School Jungle. 

Midival Punditz
Delhi duo Midival Punditz just released a new album. 

We’ll hear a track from the late Algerian musician Rachid Taha, who had a love of the British Punk band The Clash. And, we’ll go fishing with the multi-instrumentalist Leni Stern

For the big riddle though, we’ll hear a beautiful cover of the Dolly Parton song “The Bargain Store.” Who covered it? That would be the Icelandic musician Hafdis Huld, who’s album of covers called “Variations” keeps surprising me with her wonderful covers. 

Hafdis Huld

Also in that set of cover tunes we’ll hear one by Playing For Change, covering “All Along the Watchtower,” and one by The Bunburry’s of the Creedence Clearwater song “Run for the Jungle.”

Not be missed either will be tracks by Petite Celine, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Altin Gun and Seun Kuti. 

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