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Ladama percussionist Lara Klaus
Ladama percussionist and solo performer Lara Klaus is just one of the groovy things we'll hear this week. (Photo: Lara Klaus with permission)


We hit the ground running on this week’s show--or rather, hit the dance floor with some Tropical tunes from the discotheques of East London, which created a style called Sofrito. Sofrito mixes a stew of Caribbean, South American and Coastal African styles in a pot of goodness. 

Mixed into this will be some classic Samba tunes from the 1970s as well as some heavy percussion called Timbalada, perfected by drummer Carlinhos Brown (who named himself after icon James Brown). 

Ian Brennan
Ian Brennan recording The Zomba Prison Project (Photo: Marilena Umuhoza Delli)

Inside the first hour will be my show within a show called A Different Spin, in which I interview folks, such as musicians or authors and the like. This go-round, I talk with music producer/activist and writer Ian Brennan (Zomba Prison Project, Tanzania Albinism Collective, Tinariwen) about his latest book called Silenced by Sound-the Music Meritocracy Myth. 

We have a fascinating discussion about the inequities in the music business and how there’s so much glut and redundancy put out by “superstars” who’s shine has worn off but who still get the bulk of the money to put out music, while a slew of very talented musicians from faraway places get the short end of the stick. 

The entire interview is posted on my VPM World Music page. 

For the rest of hour one, we’ll groove to some South African guitar work from a CD called "Homeland: A Collection of black South African Music"; hear more great percussion work from the drummer of Ladama, Lara Klaus, who is just a fantastic all-around musician; and we’ll also hear some Swedish/New York beats from Thornato and some Turkish/Gypsy/Italian/Greek music from the band Newpoli.

Lara Klaus
Percussionist Lara Klaus in action 

Also, our friend Petite Celine will sing a beautiful number called “Explorame,” that will make you swoon, as will the song “Varanda da Suspensa” by Ceu

For the second half of the show, we’ll get psychedelic as we zoom back to the 1970s and hear some fuzzy/funky beats from India from the band The Mod Trade and Kalyanji Anandji

We’ll then get Red Hot with the help of the Red Hot record label’s release called Red Hot + Latin, which is filled with some really great collaborations and cover tunes, including one featuring Cafe Tacbva and David Byrne. 

Ceci Bastida
Ceci Bastida channels The Psychedelic Furs on her cover of "Pretty in Pink." 

And speaking of covers, we’ll hear a twofer featuring Ceci Bastida. On one, she does a great cover of the Psychedelic Furs “Pretty in Pink,” and on the other, she channels Morrissey with the help of Mexrissey on the song “International Playboy.”

More great guitar work will be heard near the end of the hour with songs from Bombino and Cheikh Lo. 

Closing out the show will be a few songs about “Rudy,” the mysterious person who was named (albeit differently) in two different songs in the late 70s/early 80s. However, “Rudie Can’t Fail,” will be done live by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, while “A Message to You Rudy,” will also be done live by The Specials from a show in 1979. And also performed live will be “Ranking Full Stop,” by The English Beat when they did it live at the massive show the U.S. Festival back in 1983.

This week’s World Music Show will leave you needing a good night’s sleep afterward. Tune in Saturday night from 8-10pm on VPM Music, 93.1 or 107.3FM or stream the show here. Follow me on Twitter @VPM_IanStewart and on Facebook by looking for The World Music Show on VPM.