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Dub Mixes
I'll have Dub tunes along with a bunch of other coolness

We’ll get right to the point on this week’s World Music Show blog. We’re all busy, right? Soccer games to attend, Podcasts to listen to, dogs to walk, but I did want to take some time to prep you for what’s on the digital turntable. 

Rachid Taha
Rachid Taha

A well beloved French-Algerian musician named Rachid Taha passed away before the release of his last album. Taha’s album “Je Suis Africain,” is a celebration of everything that made him a remarkable musician. He sings in Arabic, French, Franglish, and even Spanish and mixes in Algerian Folk with African beats. 

Partnered with Taha will be a song from Itamar Erez called “Requinto,” which is a guitar--often called the Mexican cousin of the guitar. Erez was trained in classical guitar. And he’s roamed from Turkish music to Spanish Flamenco, and from jazz to Afro-Brazilian sounds. He recently moved his young family from Tel Aviv to Vancouver.

Jupiter and his band Okwess

Mixed inside the first hour will be cuts from Rokia Traore, Jupiter & Okwess and Orchestra Baobab, who were once the in-house band for the Senegelese hotel Baobab. 

One of the great things about doing this show is that I can play songs that go beyond the normal four minute length. Case in point, we’ll hear “Zombie” from Afrobeat co-founder Fela Kuti. And we’ll some Afro-Cuban music from the band Afrocubism who were a sort of off-shoot from the Buena Vista Social Club.

For hour two, we’ll celebrate another new release from local musician Angelica Garcia’s upcoming album called “Jicama.” And, lo and behold, it’s the title track. She’s got a great new video go along with this too. Earlier this week I spoke with her about her new album, her last album and a new project she just launched to raise money for Immigrants being kept along the Southern border. 

Wear your Roots
Angelica Garcia's T-Shirt design is inspired by her heritage

Called “Wear Your Roots,” Garcia designed T-shirts that showcase her duel identities of being an American-Mexican female with Salvadoran roots. Check out her latest video for “Jicama,” in which she says:

“Jícama” is about not being seen for having a dual identity. When you don’t feel seen, you don’t feel accepted for who you are. In my case, I’m American, but I am also Mexican & Salvadoran because of my family blood. Though people often don’t know where to put me, I proudly wear both sides of my identity.”

Partnered with her will be two other powerful voices in World Music: Eljuri and Taina Asili. Both make music that revolves around social issues but do so in a way that’s not preachy or shaming, but instead their lyrics and grooves are filled with passion that gets the listener in tune with their message. 

We’ll visit the land of Dub in this hour by starting with one of the masters of that genre: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.  Dub developed as an offshoot of both Reggae and Ska by folks like Lee and King Tubby. They found a way to basically play with treble and bass and make loops and other sounds into amazing works of art. Later bands such as The Clash and even the Beastie Boys continued dabbing in Dub. 


Playing hide and seek throughout the show will be tracks by Nsimbi, Brazilian Girls, Mr. Pauer (and Monica Da Silva, of Complicate Animals), and Cornershop.

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