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Let's Dine on Electric Tropicalia & French Nouvelle

DJ Producer/Nickodemus mixes up some electronic grooves that are, well, groovy. (Photo: Nickodemus)

Mixing genres and sounds and ideas are some of the things I like when putting together the World Music Show. I especially love it when bands can do this all at once. You know, take a style but add a different twist to it is a great way to mix up the mundane that emits over the air and digital waves.

Many world music bands and musicians do this.

Bomba Estereo
Bomba Estereo

Bands such as Bomba Estereo do this by mixing up some good old Rock n’ Roll but add some electric grooves with tropical accents. They have some new music that I’ve been playing, but I just got my hands on some of their back catalogue---including the wonderful song “So-Yo.” The video for this really went viral, as they say. But Bomba are not a one-hit wonder either. Their songs are strong, straight forward bits of inventive fun. Bomba Estereo translates to “A really cool, awesome Bad-Ass party,” and it’s an accurate name. 

Diamente Electrico
Columbian band Diamente Electrico

Another band in this vein is also from Columbia. The band Diamente Electrico are also putting out some really amazing and inventive music. 

Now if you want a breakdown of the show, then let’s go. 

Alex Cuba
Alex Cuba 

We’ll hear another new and beautiful track off “Sublime,” Alex Cubas new CD in which he played all the instruments and had a hand in the production too. He sweet voice and even sweeter guitar playing are just getting better and better with each album. 

Speaking of beautiful guitar playing, we’ll hear from the desert blues guitarist Bombino, who will be playing at next week’s Richmond Folk Festival. I’m hoping to get to interview him there--since we couldn’t quite swing a pre-show interview. 

In regards to the Folk Festival, VPM Music will be airing much of the event via our radio airwaves from the main stage. In between bands setting up, Jazz host Peter Solomon and myself have produced some feature stories about some of the bands playing and about folk music in general. I’ll have spots about Scottish artist Julie Fowlis, Greek musician Vasilis Kostas and Cuban musician Ulisis Beato of Conjunto Guantanamo. I’ll feature these on next week’s show too. 

For the rest of the show, we’ll hear from the Kansas City, Mo (have to make sure I identify, right?) band Making Movies who collaborate with Los Lobos band member David Hildago; we’ll hear a string duet featuring Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate; and we’ll dip into some Brazilian music from Forro in the Dark and Moreno Veloso.

Ali Farka Toure
Ali Farka Toure

We’ll also stay local with a track from Bio Ritmo and from one of Ritmo’s percussionists, Hector “Coco” Barez

For our French buffet, we’ll go back a few years or even decades to when French Nouvelle was a thing. We’ll hear from the band Java and Un P’tit Raides and the gravely voice of Arthur H

Mixed in through the rest of the two hours will be songs from Zee Avi, Cornershop, the DJ Nickodemus, the electric tango band La Chiva Gantiva and some great Afrobeat from Seun Kuti.

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