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Visiting Planet D'earth

Kait Dunton in the studio (courtesy of Kait Dunton)
Pianist Kait Dunton in the studio. Dunton is a prolific composer and performer who got her start in jazz at the University of Virginia studying with trumpeter John D'earth. Photo courtesy of Kait Dunton. 

Kait Dunton is a jazz pianist and composer based in LA. Introduced to jazz while attending undergrad at the University of Virginia, her new album "Planet D'earth" celebrates the profound impact that legendary trumpeter  and educator John D'earth had on her music and career. In this segment, she talks about what she found so inspirational in the way that D'earth taught music and discusses the music and personnel on her new recording. 

Dunton will perform at Capitol Ale House Friday evening at 8 with John D'earth, bassist Dane Alderson, drummer jake Reed and saxophonoist J.C. Kuhl.  You can find more information on her performances and her music at her website